How to hunt the Fox traps,properly prepare,select, place and install

Unfortunately, hunting with traps is not as attracting many hunters due to the fact that the Fox skin to deteriorate and loses its value and every year these hunters are becoming fewer.

However, contrary to all hunting with traps is pretty interesting, it allows you to show all your skills correctly to put the trap in the right place. It proves the experience of the hunter and knowledge of the habits of cunning and cautious animals. First you need to review the behavior of the Fox, her lifestyle, habits, what she eats and how she reacts to the person.

More cautious and timid foxes living in the dense forests. The scent of human presence, the Fox can be frightened, even a very well disguised trap. Naturally so to catch a Fox is much more difficult.

Foxes that live not far from the towns, villages and settlements are more friendly to man than. Most often they can be found in garbage dumps and near farms. There they are looking for a feed.

Such Fox hunting is much easier, because they do not fear man. In this case, the hunter is allowed so thoroughly to prepare for the hunt of the trap because the Fox is accustomed to the smell of iron in landfills and, accordingly, to the smell of a man.

However, that hunt was not in vain, prepare to still have. Definitely need to fix the problem in the mechanism of the trap, clean it from rust and then boil in a decoction of pine, but herbal.

To be the trap needs out of residential premises sliders in the same bag that will be delivered to the installation site. Hunt should be after the New year, when there is deep snow.

Then foxes often visit landfills and bait. To set the traps better near running Fox trail, with a good depth of snow. This can be done in two ways.

First: squeeze a piece of track with a wooden object, and then compacted snow, extruded into the hole to set a trap and back to fill up with snow same with a wooden object, restoring the picture of the same track. The second method is to dig a hole under track, not to compromise the integrity of the trail.

The trap should be a swivel with a rope or chain that is fastened to the tree is not necessary. It is better to leave the trap with a small wooden piece. This is to ensure that the Fox is not twisted or unscrewed his leg. Find Fox to be very simple, going behind a wooden stump. A Fox caught in a trap entails this simple device.

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