How to hunt squirrel,some features of the hunt

How to hunt squirrel,some features of the hunt

Squirrel is small and agile beast that lives in all regions of the country except the treeless spaces. Often it can be found in tall plantings with dense undergrowth. The animal feeds mainly on insects, mushrooms, nuts, buds of willow and aspen, as well as berries. This animal is very appreciated by hunters, mainly because of its beautiful fur. Extraction of proteins does not provide for the use and availability of any special knowledge and skills, but for everyone who has decided to obtain such a trophy, it will be very important experience and patience. Fans of this hunt can shoot from the heart and to obtain first experience with industrial hunting skills.

This amazing typical animal hoarding. Protein is known that during the warm months of the year, stored food in the form nuts, dried mushrooms and berries and hide them in the hollows of trees. The animal is to fish in search of food by day and night spent in the hollow. When the weather is bad, the animal can hide in their shelter up to 4-5 days. The number of livestock of these animals depends on a sufficient amount of feed, which are berries, nuts and mushrooms. The poor harvest of pine trees in the forest may cause migrations of these small animals and reducing their livestock in certain areas. The middle of winter, about the month of January, the number of animals is reduced. For this reason, many forestry stop shooting at this time.

How to hunt squirrel,some features of the hunt

In hunting for squirrel is used in several ways. This hunting with rifles, hunting dogs and hunting with snares. The hunting of this animal, as a rule, depends on its fur. Fur proteins, which are valued in particular is long, thick and shiny coat, which has completely changed during the moulting period. In this period of change the animal skins also will depend on weather conditions. In a dry and warm autumn it happens very slowly and flows rapidly in the wet and cold autumn.

The main method of production of this nimble animal is considered hunting with huskies. The success of such events depend on the qualities and training of the huskies. A dog that goes for prey proteins must have excellent eyesight, hearing and sense of smell. The dog should not only identify the protein, but also to keep track of her. Experienced husky, trained and trained by participation in many hunts, as a rule, is at a distance from the feeding beast. But the young novice in hunting catches on a tree trunk, barks and whines, thereby driving the roll even higher.

An equally important factor for a successful hunt and of the forest in the grounds where lives a squirrel. If the harvest of the seeds of spruce are rich enough, then the protein will stay in the dark crowns of the fir trees, where to find it very difficult. In the woods, where the beast can feed upon the harvest of pine seeds to find protein much easier. There are times when the productivity of pine trees is quite low, and the acorns on the contrary, abundantly freak. Then squirrel often inhabits oak groves, which quickly lose their leaves. Under such conditions, to detect protein very easy, even without a dog.

How to hunt squirrel,some features of the hunt

Before advancing on a hunt it is best to conduct a preliminary exploration of the local forests and to assess the feeding conditions for this beast. The best time for this hunt is considered to be the time from sunrise until 10-11 o’clock in the afternoon, and afternoon, time 2-3 hours before sunset. It is during these periods of time, the animal is eating and behaving more actively and enthusiastically. But in the daytime, when the animals typically rest in the hollows and nests, the chances of their manifestation is only hunters with Callisto Laika.

Proteins, which abused hunting dog that can behave in completely different ways. There are times when the squirrels sit on the branches of trees in the open, not hiding and even click my tongue disapprovingly at the dog barking. But in most of the cases, the protein that barking dog immediately tries to hide and will hide in the treetops, in those places crowns where to consider it very hard.

You should not rely on that approach to the protein that is already found and the dog is barking without any fear. But this is not so. At the approach of the hunter, the beast is hiding on top of trees and can go on top so that the dog will not have time to follow. At such moments, to consider of the beast, who is hiding in the tree crown, will help ordinary 6-fold binoculars. In order to force the beast to prove himself, the hunters often use various techniques, such as tapping on a tree trunk with an axe or tapping on the bark with a pole or long stick, on the higher parts of the trunks of trees.

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