How to hunt snipe with a Spaniel

Hunting with a Spaniel usually begins in autumn and continues until the departure of the birds. This hunting is considered a sport, requires the hunter care and quick response. Snipe from under the dog crashes instantly, the bird in flight makes the zigzags and disappears very quickly. Snipe is more restrictive than snipe, rises a considerable distance between the dog and the hunter, it is necessary to make accurate and quick shots until the bird is still in sight.

Snipe inhabits almost the entire territory of the CIS, except the far North and deserts. This bird can be seen on the banks of lakes and rivers, rusty bogs, in dense grass or on the ground with the raw and low bows. Prefers to nest in marshes, in advance prepares a nest of dry grass. The male does not participate in the care of Pets, but always present near the nest. The Chicks quickly stand up and go look for food with the mother, adhering to protected areas. Spring hunting snipe is strictly prohibited by applicable law.

Autumn young snipe reach the size of adults, actively absorb food and grow fat before departure. During this period, the birds become less vigilant and allowed closer than a hunter with a dog. Some particularly large instances remain to winter near unfrozen waters. Late autumn and early winter to hunt snipe with a Spaniel permitted. The trophy is possible to get a good as fat snipe are unable to rapidly gain altitude.

Spaniel before hunting needs to be well-trained and obedient. At the beginning of the hunt the dog must be calm for some time to invest, and only then let go on a quest. Spaniel works on the bottom, occasionally stops and listens. You should carefully monitor the behavior of his four-legged assistant, not release him to a considerable distance and stop with a whistle or command. In identifying snipe, the dog goes to poticu, after a short stop, you have to put on eyeliner and get ready for the shot. The Spaniel raises birds on the wing, after a successful shot raises the fallen prey, brings to its owner and continues the search.

A well-trained dog is trying to act independently, its action is always fast, accurate and does not require special notice. With the help of Spaniel produce more wild game than other hunting dog.

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