How to hunt snipe,the advice of experienced hunters

All hunters are well known meadow, marsh bird snipe. This feathered has a very long and thin beak, high legs and fairly long wings. Snipe has a very catchy and beautiful color, which consists mainly of black, white and brown spots. The weight of the plumed relatively small – less than 200 grams. In the spring and summer, until about the beginning of August, the hunting of these birds is prohibited. Afford pleasure and to hunt snipe only with the beginning of the last month of summer and until that time, until the bird go in the winter in warmer climes. But even in spite of prohibitions, to hunt snipe at other times of the year has virtually no meaning, because without that little bird is getting fat only to fall. Just before leaving for southern wintering snipe get fat, become more obese and sedentary. This feature provides a great chance of the hunter to get closer to snipe even accompanied by dogs.

Most of all, this bird likes to sit in muddy areas in floodplain wetlands. Such unique bolts are spaces with numerous puddles and places where it’s easy to get caught up. And so, the most common method of hunting snipe is considered to be hunting with setter. The dog helps the hunter in the search of the snipe. This bird is not so timid and doesn’t explode immediately at the sight of the hunter, as does any flock of ducks. Snipe sits in place and waits for the hunter to literally not step on it. It should be noted that in most cases beneficial to birds such conduct. As the hunter, in order to get the snipe will have to pass almost every meter of the swamp. Is to search for the birds, and useful dog, best of breed pointer, which will be in the rack as soon as you notice the game. To the dog frozen in the rack do not fit very quickly and dramatically. Fast and very loud approach of the host can razgorodit dog, which, in turn, their restless behavior may cause failures.

How to hunt snipe,the advice of experienced hunters

The key to a successful hunt can be a well-trained, but not too hot a dog that will not be worn on the marshes, barking, scaring away all the animals and birds. The snipe is very difficult to tolerate the rack dog, and rampant barking, very often chases the bird before the shot. Sometimes, in order to calm the dog and to continue the hunt, simply to withdraw it from the rack and give the command to lie down at his feet. In some cases, it is better to take a little break, and continue the hunt when the dog calms down.

The best conditions for hunting snipe is a quiet, warm and windless weather. In windy weather, feathered always on the alert and never allow to come close. And the dog will be very difficult to feel the bird against the wind. Hunting big company can produce not too boggy and large swamps, covered with small and frequent bumps, sufficiently hard and suitable for walking. In such places the whole company of hunters can comb the area with dogs, exactly in this same line. If the team is not too large, and all hunters are experienced by the arrows, hunting can be successful and enjoyable. And Vice versa – the whole field can be lost if the team will not, at least one is not discreet and inexperienced shooter, with ill-mannered dog.

The weight of a snipe several times smaller than grouse. The bird flies very rapidly and during the flight immediately makes a few twists, rotating your body around its axis so that its white belly constantly flashed before the eyes of the hunter. Only when the bird is outside of a steady shot, it quickly and easily aligns your flight. This non-standard flight and become a fairly frequent cause of failure of young and inexperienced shooters. For the most successful hunt for the snipe, they are often advised to spend some time in the swamp without a gun, watching and getting used to how the bird flies. More experienced hunters prefer to do the shot, at that moment, when the bird has just risen from a shelter or grass and, taking off, flying through the gentle lines before starting her characteristic and model the departures from side to side in the air. You can also wait and release snipe in flight at a distance of not more than thirty meters, when the trajectory becomes straighter and a fraction before hitting the target is scattered sheaf. If you have only a small distance for the shot, aim better just a little ahead of the white of the abdomen of birds. The best measure for the shot at the snipe is the distance from 40 to 50 feet. Hunter quickly gets used and after a while will be able to define such a distance in his eyes.

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