How to hunt sable with husky

Sable is a typical representative animals of the taiga is very similar to conventional forest marten. Coat of this little animal is very thick, silky and shiny, and its color may vary considerably in accordance with the place of residence of the beast. The color of the sable can be black, dark brown or even yellowish-brown. However, very often, it seems that the fur of the sable has a gray hue due to the fact that the tips of the hair coat can have lighter shade. The most valuable variety of the sable lives in the vicinity of lake Baikal. Animals that live in close proximity to the lake, have black color fur. Variety of this animal is called Barguzin sable.

As a rule, the body of the animal has a much darker color than the head. An animal very easily and quickly can move on soft and hard snow, thanks to the unique structure of the feet and legs small height and of adequate thickness. As a primary residence the Sobol prefer to choose places located in areas of tall forests near rivers or streams. Often kept in close proximity to windbreaks or stony placers. Often this is a small furry animal can be met in thickets of cedar. These animals are mostly permanent way of life and within a few years, to live in the same nest.

Favorite places for nesting Sables can be called fallen trees, set close to the rocks or places under logs and stumps. This files most often prefers to go out for prey in the twilight. However, when the need arises can go hunting in the daytime. In extreme cold or other adverse weather conditions, sable may not leave their shelter for several days. This beast surprisingly deftly moves and able to climb trees but prefer to hunt mostly on the ground.

Sable can be called actually omnivorous animal that eats both plant and animal food. However, the main delicacy of the sable can be called forest voles. Sable can feed on small birds and their eggs, squirrels, loves grouse, hares and squirrels. Quite often most of the animals diet consists of berries and hazelnuts. If sable was lucky to get the amount of food much more than he can eat, he, as a rule, do yourself reserves for the future, which is in close proximity near its nest.

The fur of this animal very highly appreciated both in our country and beyond. It is because of sable fur, as a rule, and hunt for these animals. Variants of hunting for this valuable fur-bearing animals there are several. Among them are hunting snares, special network and kamemi. These types of hunts can as well be used for the production of any other fur-bearing animals.

The most productive, mobile and gambling kind of hunting is considered to be fished with the huskies. It is worth noting that the best time for production of this animal is the period when the first snow fell. In the conditions of the taiga is usually mid October – early December. After those months, the snow falls in too large quantities. Dogs very difficult to accept to chase after the beast too the snow-swept terrain.

The ideal time for hunting with huskies can be called a time of 4-5 hours in the morning, and perfect conditions, newly-fallen snow and light frost. If before that, it was raining and the wind that ended the evening, the animal will need to feed and then the huskies can easily detect it on fresh trail. Well-trained and experienced dogs immediately begin to examine the possible lives of these fur-bearing animals.

It may be different nesting sable, where he is during the daylight – stumps, scatterings of stones, hollow trees. If Leica determines that the animal is in the tree, the hunter can quite easily get it. If the dog barks, then you need to very carefully and slowly to view the surrounding trees. Sable has a habit to lay low and wait until the danger passes.

Very often, these little furry animals lurk so professionally that no longer respond even to the sound of an axe or other sounds that hunters try to scare him off. In such cases, you can just make few shots in the direction of its possible presence. The male sable is always much more aggressive than females. If to rattle his cage, he can start to jump from branch to branch, uttering the corresponding sounds, thus revealing itself. Very often, the sable can just jump off of the tree immediately under the feet of the hunter and dogs and tries to escape. Beast is very fast and to monitor it you need both, otherwise it will quickly disappear from persecution.

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