How to hunt partridges

Grey partridges common throughout the CIS, except for taiga forest and in the area of the far North. Robbing in the fields, near ravines with dense shrubs. There the bird finds refuge from the enemies and hiding almost all the time when not looking for food. Sometimes partridges can be found on the marshland, if there is a forest, the shore covered with bushes and has Islands. Partridge feeds on insect larvae, grains, young leaves and shoots. Partridges useful to those that destroy harmful insects and prevent them to reproduce in large quantities. This applies particularly to agriculture, since these birds consume pests that reside in field plantings.

For hunting partridge can take pointing dogs. The pupil should have the lower and upper flair, to be obedient and light in weight so as not to frighten the bird while hunting. With a young dog for grouse hunting is not recommended for a long time she takes the track and trying to rapidly achieve goal. Very often the male partridge is trying to divert from the enemies of his brood and jumping over a dog, leading her in the opposite direction from the young. The dog is nervous and hot, as a result of such actions, he can be damaged.

How to hunt partridges

To start with the setter needs to bypass all the scene of the alleged habitat of partridges. In case of detection of their homes, partridges noise in the air. In a brood can be up to 14 birds and the hunter need to keep a loaded gun ready to instantly react and get into a good game. After making a few shots, the hunter breaks from the pack, and now his task is the need to find a single bird with a pointer.

The flight of the grouse, swift, quick, though they always fly in a straight line. The hunter will have great contrive to hunt yielded the desired trophy. Partridge should shoot from the middle distance, as the bird is strong on the wound. The distance to the game should not exceed 45 steps. The fraction for shooting use a middle number 6 or 7.

With setter hunting is not recommended on hot days, the dog gets tired quickly, and to the hunter it is hard to be a long time in the scorching sun in full uniform. In cloudy weather to hunt all day, partridge is not hiding and the dog is easier to get on a fresh trail. You can hunt all grounds, and only in permitted areas.

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