How to hunt mink

Mink is a valuable trophy for each hunter, so as to catch this beast is not so easy, so the hunters are thoroughly acquainted with their behaviour and only then move in for the hunt. If you are a beginner in the field of hunting and you have a great desire to burrow, then you need to familiarize yourself with the information today we decided to get to you. Mink has a very flexible and most importantly the elongated body, very short limbs and tail. Mink most often you may notice near the reservoirs that have steep cliffs and overgrown with reeds. Sometimes, though in rare cases the hole may identify and swamps.

So, let’s now talk about how to catch a mink, because this process is very strange and lengthy. If you follow everything correctly, then you will definitely be back luck. Professionals in the field hunting mink use a special plate traps, this option is by far is the most popular. First you need to determine the location of the installation plate of the trap, it is important to choose a truly special place, inhabited by mink, otherwise all your actions are simply unnecessary. Mink most often settles in the trees, it can be as live trees, and fallen down roots and trunks, if you managed to find such a place, then we recommend you to set the trap here. As you could already understand, you need to determine the precise location of these animals, but it is not so easy, but if you will find traces of the legs, then the animals in this place live and you can put a trap.

Your task is that you definitely need to strengthen the trap, as you already know, mink is very easy grip to the beast, and accordingly incorrect installation of the trap, mink can just get out of it, and you will have no lack of gain. To strengthen its trap, you will need to pre-create an in-depth place, then put in this hole all you can lay hands on, or rather it can be little bitches, twigs and so on. Eventually you should reach a small hut for mink, which will definitely want to visit it. Your trap should be installed exactly at the entrance to this tent, remember that mink is very interesting and if you properly set a trap, then the animal will get caught.

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