How to hunt lynx,methods of hunting and the area of residence

How to hunt lynx,methods of hunting and the area of residence

Hunting the lynx is not very common in our country. However, despite this situation, this animal is a prized and coveted trophy for each hunter. In some regions, this animal constitutes a very considerable damage to the hunting economy. But in spite of this, hunting of lynx is strictly regulated by the terms, and in some regions, the animal is placed under permanent protection. This is because animal skin has a large monetary value on the world market that covers even the huge damage that the animal causes hunting farms.

In most cases, lynx is produced in the process of hunting for marten or sable. And only a few hunters spetsializiruyutsya for commercial production of this animal, petrovova to him of huskies and hounds. Lynx has a unique beauty. In winter, the animal dressed in a very beautiful and thick fur, the color of which can be completely different in different animals.

Lynx fur can be partially covered starting spots can be spotted on the sides and back, and can and do have a solid color without spots. On the background color significantly stands the abdomen and groin part of the body of the beast, which are always painted white.

Most often, the lynx live in areas where the grouse and bears. And if the hunter decides to go hunting for a bear in the winter time, it is likely to happen to meet on a hunting lynx, or at least to detect its traces. Traces of the animal, as a rule, have a rather large size and round shape. To detect animal can by its loud, sharp and high voice. If lynx is irritated or angry, the tone of voice will gradually move from the top to the bottom tone. Fat and happy pet makes meowing sounds that can be heard at quite a considerable distance. In order to still get the trophy, as this animal, it is necessary first of all to study his habits, and some behaviors. Lynx is not capable of a long and fast run and most of the time the animal walks very briskly. Fed the beast chooses a place to stay in a quiet remote location, sometimes in the swamp.

It is worth noting that even with the help of experienced huntsmen, the hunt for this beast takes at least five days. The help of experienced experts in forests, will be especially needed for young hunters. Only huntsman will be able to tell the approximate place of residence furry predator and quickly find the litter should be using specially trained dogs. A lynx is fine and much better than other animals developed the senses of sight and hearing, and long sensitive whiskers substantially improve the sense of touch. In the daytime, the animal is resting in the woods, and at night go hunting. For the selected target from an ambush, which can watch the victim for several days. The sharp claws and teeth of this predator can not hide nor hare or moose.

As mentioned earlier, lynx is not able to run fast, so during the night, his unhurried and businesslike move, the animal can travel up to 10-15 km In the course of the route the animal is constantly stops, sniffs and listens, and sensing the victim immediately begins to STO-len. The animal does not have the physical resources for the long run. If lynx were able to frighten away from the place of maturation hare, to catch him at a distance of 40-50 meters, then after such a hunting, the animal have to lie down to rest in the snow. Its prey lynx usually eats not completely, and the remnants of meat buried in the snow. Thus the animal does not always return in order to eat meat. Only having caught prey in the form of moose or other larger animals, the lynx may stay in place for a few days.

The most interesting hunt this predator is considered hunting with surovymi huskies. Hunters who pre-determined the place of settlement of the lynx family, go there with the dogs, while the snow is still too deep. For this hunt it is best to use 2-5 vicious and inventive curses that can aggressively pursue the beast to stop him and bark until the arrival of the hunter. It should be noted that a wounded animal can be a pretty big danger to dogs. Excited by the hunt, they often forget about caution and jump to the beast, which in turn can cause dogs some serious wounds. Husky work more readily as the fresh tracks of the beast. If the beast has only one dog, the lynx could easily turn around and accept the challenge of the beast. Therefore, dogs that take on a hunt, to be strong, healthy and badass.

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