How to hunt in winter, moose from the approach,a detailed description of how and what to do

Experienced hunters often go to the moose approach, but it is a task which requires maximum skill and patience. Before hunting, you must purchase a special license that allows hunting for elk. A wonderful time for hunting with the approach of the moose is a cold day or windy weather immediately after rain. Moose is very sensitive to the approach of man, and to catch him is virtually impossible. While hunting, you should approach the animal from the side against the wind, to smell the elk will be more difficult.

Moose you can find the traces on the first snow, but before that is to make sure that the imprint of the calm, not the rut. Following the forest beast, no need to rush any suspicious noise will frighten the animal, then the hunt can take several days or a week. You should carefully look around for any Bush can be a moose, who is resting after eating. All ruminants during the movement can’t digest food and they need some time to rest. Bitten upper tier of shrubs or tree limbs may also mean that the moose recently held here.

If you managed to enter the family of moose, you need to choose the oldest, it is easy to determine the branches on the horns. Each year, the male elk is added in one process. You should really try not to get in the female, because her womb is already a fetus of a calf.

In deep snow, you can also find elk, during this period the animals are less active and trying to stay close to places with available feed. To overcome the way to the Parking lot of the elks owns approximately 1-3 km. Recommended to go on a hunt alone, and with two or three companions, which increases the chance to drive the elk.

How to hunt in winter, moose from the approach,a detailed description of how and what to do

There is another way of hunting – chemotroph, but this method requires from the hunter a lot of knowledge and experience. Watch the area will be daily, for some, perhaps quite a long time, so as to determine chemotroph time, was when a moose is practically impossible. Out on the trail of the animal, experienced hunters very successfully and quickly extracted the beast.

Moose hunting is certainly not for beginners to try their hand and to acquire new knowledge and skills under the force of each hunter. And the joy is extremely interesting hunting and trophies will outshine all the difficulties in the preparation and conduct of hunting elk with approach.

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