How to hunt in the spring for grouse,correctly choose the time,place and method of hunting

Hunting is a very hazardous occupation. It’s always a certain test of the hunter’s skill, cunning, ability to find almost immediate exit from any situation. If previously used for obtaining food in our time of hunting solely for sport or exciting interest. For any hunting need a good knowledge of the terrain and preparation.

Grouse gets its name because of its peculiar ritual during the mating period. In early March, the grouse are actively beginning to attract the attention of females. For this they use a kind of song that consists of low clicking sounds, which abruptly turns into a grinding sound resembling the turning of a knife on a stone. The bird is so fond of his singing that the «stalls» completely isolated from the outside world. After completion of the Serenade, the grouse returned hearing and vision, he descends from the tree, where he was waiting for the bride or a male competitor. In the second case, the battle begins, which often leads to death of the weaker male.

Grouse living in areas where there is a swamp, coniferous or mixed forests. Going on spring hunting, should take into account that only shoot the males and finding them is not so simple. These birds can produce different sounds – from grunting to quotane, a place for mating also choose closed. Typically, the grouse gather in the spring on a Lek, where the imps wings of the furrow. These marks and can go to the birds.

To go hunting should in the late afternoon, because during the day, the grouse spend all their time in search of food. To approach the current should be against the wind, these birds have a well developed sense of smell. Hearing the sound of the singing grouse, approach him softly, slowly. When the sound becomes louder and rascality, don’t waste time and come almost close to the bird. Making the shot, not in a hurry to run up to their prey, make sure you got in. The first shot grouse may not notice, as it will be keen on singing. Second time to accurately aim and make the shot. Shoot the best in the side or the wing, the bird periodically raises his wings and shot, will not be able to fly far. The grouse is very thick plumage and shooting in the chest or tail, you will not be able to break. Fraction choose large size to kill the bird without causing her additional suffering.

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