How to hunt grouse

Capercaillie is the largest bird of the forest industrial value. The weight of an adult grouse is 4-7 kg, the female weighs a little less, its weight rarely exceeds 2 kg. Hunting for grouse begins in March when the grouses begin to actively displaying. At night these birds are raised on high trees, and with the dawn fall to the current. Start displaying normally quiet toward morning the current is becoming stronger. First, you can hear an old male, gradually connect to the young birds. The singing of the grouse consists of deaf hiss, periodically, the bird raises its head and listens, does not respond, the female. At run time, a kind of singing capercaillie moves on the bitch and just stop to listen, and then returns back to its original position.

From the moment of obtaining a permit for hunting upland game, you can connect to the work of setter dog. Hunt starts early in the morning or just before dusk, in hot summer days, the grouses hammered under mount and flush them out quite difficult.

Habitats are the berry bushes, forest glades, pine land, settle broods near marshes or other bodies of water, hiding in the thickets of dense grass or ferns. In search of food, the grouse leave a noticeable trace that the dog be familiar. It lost feathers, and Copanca in sandy soil, also broods are fairly large area, and feel the game hunting dog becomes much easier.

Pointing dog needs to be disciplined, have good instincts, have experience hunting upland game, to obey and immediately comply with the orders. Smart dog leads the brood until, before the birds go to ground and only then performs the counter. Hunter defines the direction in which the birds rise in the air and then releases the dog forward. After the first shots, the hunter needs to monitor the movement of capercaillie, as some take to the trees, and others fall back on the ground and you can continue shooting. Do not allow the dog to follow the bird up, some individuals continue to hide in their homes and pet prematurely to disperse the brood.

Cops hunting with dogs ends in September, when the grouse leave reasonable space and moved to the trees. Used for firing in fraction numbers 7 or 6, because you have to make shots at close range. At far distances or when shooting in old wood, it is recommended to use buckshot under the numbers 1-5.

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