How to hunt grouse with husky,a detailed description of how and what to do

Hunting for grouse with husky starts in the summer-autumn period, when the brood of young Chicks are not startled numerous hunting them and hunting them is quite simple if you are experienced and working husky.

Before you get ready for hunting in advance to scout out the habitat of the capercaillie. Walk through the woods without dogs and guns a few days and find a promising place. It will save you a lot of time before season opening.

As a rule, the broods remain in their seats and finding them is not difficult in the place where you found them. Finding a brood of grouse on the ground, swearing makes the bird to take off, and then pursues her.

Following the grouse, and sat on a tree branch, the dog barking quietly. Here is of great importance calm the barking. A well trained husky in any case will not rage and throw it on the wood, rush under them, trying to catch grouse. This is evidence of inexperience and poor performance of the dog.

That husky did not have such bad habit as soon as you need to wean from such actions. Hunter won’t even come close to grouse over the «flashy» dogs, like birds will fly away to another place. Also grouse sitting on a branch when tracking multiple expletives.

Here come the monotonous and loud bark that will not disturb the bird and it will sit on a branch. Most often, the grouse is in no hurry to leave the tree, but rather looking at unfamiliar to him, the beast of curiosity.

How to hunt grouse with husky,a detailed description of how and what to do

But still you need to quietly approach the desired prey: literally to lie low during the hold and bark the dog and move towards the goal under the guise of barking. Shot practically will not disturb other grouses, unless forced to fly them is not very great distance. Therefore, you can safely continue the hunt.

You can also get and adult grouse. They fly much further after rising from the ground, however, experienced and trained dog will find them. The hunting season for grouse in the winter ends up to drop large amounts of snow.

In this case, the bird, the barking of a dog sitting is bad, but there are exceptions. I still have a chance to succeed. Industrial hunters considered hunting grouse with husky Vice.

They hunted with dogs only on fur-bearing animals. Everything is clear, field hunter, approaching the place of bark the birds had expected to see sable, marten or squirrel. Not respecting safety, shot it to scare away the grouse, thereby lost time, hunt and prey in the form of a grouse.

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