How to hunt grouse with a dog

For this hunt there are three breeds of their respective dogs: spaniels, huskies and cops.

They hunt usually in the summer-autumn period, in the areas of accumulation grouse broods selected in advance. Hunts mainly in the morning or in the evening, this time feeding the birds. The day was full of birds, hiding in remote areas such as the old areas, in thickets and along field edges.

Classic bird hunting is considered hunting with a setter. Properly educated dog is a canoe, not far from the owner. Seeing the bird dog stops, giving to the owner. Came and prepared the shot, the hunter sends a dog forward, then strikes sighting prey. The dog finding the bird stops next to it and calls the owner. Often the bird falls into a deep vegetation and a hunter sees a dog in the production. In this case, a smart dog, go to the owner and all kind of «report your findings. This is a manifestation of the mind called the announcement. The announcement is very rare and depends more on the dog than training.

How to hunt grouse with a dog

Spaniel called bird hound. The tasks of the Spaniel part of the rise of the hiding birds from the bushes and high grass, under the shot of the hunter. Not a dog barking grouse, he knows the shot distance and within that distance, frightens the bird, causing it to take off. While hunting with a Spaniel must always be alert. Otherwise, you can repeatedly watch the birds fly away from you, not having time to pull the trigger. Always prepare for the future shot. The spaniels are very playful and restless. They are not difficult to find and hit the bird.

The huskies have long earned respect in the hunt. Expletives universal use in many types of hunting, hunting for grouse is no exception. Raising a flock of black grouse in the air, the huskies patiently stalked the bird until she gets on the tree. During the prosecution of husky is behaving calmly, without overly scaring the bird. When he reached the landing place of the grouse, the dog slowly begins to bark at him. This barking does not scare birds, unique likes. Distracted by a dog, grouse allows you to get close to the hunter. Followed by a neat shot, and the hunter takes the trophy.

However, it is worth noting that grouse, much boyslive grouse and a vicious dog may frighten possible prey. This should pay particular attention to preparing the dog.

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