How to hunt grouse surges and with Chuchelov

It is a collective form of hunting, take part in it from 2 to several dozen people. Two of us hunted, usually using stuffed animals. A lot of people, they start a hunt chain(no stuffed animals).

Hunt surges

Hunt surges together called «running hunt». Two men are parallel to each other, driven away the first bird that falls under the scope of the second and Vice versa.

In hunting the chain, people are divided into shooters and beaters. Beaters separated from the hunters and prey. The hunters become the semi-circle with a distance of 40 – 50 m apart. Having found prey, the beaters chase the bird hunters, and those of her shoot. This method is used in places of frequent stay grouse, weedy areas (resting place) and sacrice field – place feed grouse.

Shooting, of course is airborne targets. But there are cases when a grouse runs on foot. The grouse loves to run and often hiding in the bushes. Therefore, often take hunting dogs. Dogs help to banish firmly sitting birds, as well as well looking for wounded game.

Hunting with stuffed.

In principle, hunting with stuffed, capable and a hunter. This kind of hunting is justified later in the fall. At this time, the black grouse gather in flocks for the winter. Choosing areas with large concentrations of black grouse, the hunter builds near the hut. The hut is well disguised as the environment. Inside hunter makes a few loopholes emerging to nearby trees. After that, the trees are placed effigies. You make models of dark matter, tinting in the right places red and white paint. You can buy effigy in store, or make from the killed bird.

It is important to place the Scarecrow in a natural position, deep in the branches. The unnatural posture can frighten away game, and she will fly to another tree. Proceed without fanaticism, three to five scarecrows will be enough for a successful hunt.

Not always the hunt runs smoothly. Sometimes grouse selects another tree, and then the birds take to it. In this case, you need the help of beater. He chases birds out of a tree and they sit quietly at your stuffed animals, sure that all is good here.

In late autumn, Kosach already has winter, strong plumage and incredibly strong at the wound. For this hunt you need a fraction of second, third numbers. In another, the shot is at long range and with good aim you can use small-caliber carbine.

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