How to hunt grouse on the currents and legally

Grouse inhabit most areas of the country and is very popular among hunters. Hunting of this species is the most available and does not involve the necessity of using additional equipment, and this is a very significant plus.

To hunt the bird it is possible for most months of the year, especially in autumn. The only exception is the summer and late spring, when females are engaged in the output of young.

Hunting for currents

This option is based on the fact that kosachi prefer to displaying on same place every year. This is usually the edge of the forest, small fields, wet fields and meadows. The spot is easily identified by song birds. The plot size can range from half hectare to 5 hectares, and at one site up to several dozen birds. The black grouse is distributed across the current small, isolated groups.

Tent for hunting, you need to put at the center of mass of one of the groups. To correctly select the location of the shed allow the traces of the fights between the birds — damaged grass and feathers. Hunters usually put several tents in each dwelling birds to be able to change them. In every hut you can hunt in one or two days.

Hut you must go before dawn, before the current. During the hunt not to come out of hiding, when you can hear the birds singing. The hunter must wait for the peak current, in order not to frighten small birds at dawn. Shoot capercaillie directly from the hut, good aim at the bird. It is not recommended to immediately pick up the slain grouse, so as not to scare current other birds in the future.

Hunting with pointer

Hunting with dogs is most effective in late August, when birds actively feeding on the forest edges, in tall grass and bushes. Hunting is done at dawn or in the evening, 3 hours before sunset. Day fed broods a rest in remote places, only in cloudy weather you may also hunt during the day.

Challenge dog – to raise broods on the wing, and the hunter should be ready to open fire. First I stark, to shoot should not be. She was a go teerawat, followed by apply 1 – 2 shots. In case of unsuccessful shooting, broods hide in the thicket, and finding them becomes very difficult. You have to recall the dog to sit and wait for about 20 minutes, teerawat start to fly out of hiding and get back together, then you will be able to continue the hunt.

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