How to hunt grouse in the summer and early autumn

The grouse is perhaps the largest feathered inhabitant of the forest. Sometimes the weight of this game reaches 6 kg, rare hunter refuses a trophy. So what are the options for hunting grouse are the most popular? Try to understand.

Since the beginning of August is beginning to gain popularity hunting for grouse with a dog. There are two breeds of such hunting, pointing and swearing.

Pointer is an excellent hunting, but grouse very often can not withstand the rack setter (that is, breaks in the air, not waiting for the throw of the dog after the reception, and then even earlier). The young birds prefer to hide from the dogs are not flying, on the ground that too is a negative factor in choosing this type of hunting. In addition to the above pointer is a large dog and cannot get a game in the overgrown parts of the forest. For these reasons, hunting for grouse with setter has so little fans. The only time from this hunt enjoy – this autumn, in September. It was at this time the young shoots grouse is still very safe and careless.

How to hunt grouse in the summer and early autumn

Laika is practically the only dog, hunting on the capercaillie which is a great pleasure. Of course, the dog must be well trained to pick up the bird and then bark at her tree. But even practical lessons with a young husky will delight every hunter. Dog training pleasant and lengthy process, but believe me, it will be compensated in the future. Hunting with Laika begins in August and can last until late winter. The main thing for dogs to find grouse to make it fly, to be soft (not scaring) the bark sitting in a tree bird. The hunter, hearing the swearing, cautiously approaching the tree to a distance shot. Next is all about precision.

Several methods of hunting for grouse, it is the hunting slotopol (approach) or hunting on the shingle. Both methods are effective with the onset of autumn.

In the first case, a hunter, ready to fire a gun, goes where broods of birds feed or rest. Careless youngsters admit to themselves very closely, to such an extent that some trackers manage to shoot at a sitting bird. It is important to find a residence bird, the tracks of birds, feathers and droppings.

In a second embodiment, the hunters are waiting for a bird on the roadside gravel or quarries. The bird collects stones (necessary for digestion), a very easy target for the marksman.

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