How to hunt grouse,a popular hunting methods and techniques used in hunting

Hunting for grouse does not like to hunt waterfowl.

For grouse there are several types of hunting:

The first is the production approach. The peculiarity of this approach is that it does not need two people. Hunting with the approach can be anyone.

But you need several conditions:

1.The hunter must be guided well in the woods.

2.To be able to move silently.

3. To distinguish the cries of the grouse from other birds.

4. You need to hunt early in the morning.

This type of hunting is most successful in the morning when the bird is sitting on the bushes of berries.

When the shrubs (plants) large and clearly visible border, you can safely begin to avoid him, going 20-30 meters forward. The apparent danger of grouse will quickly disappear in the forest, so the hunter will have to try not to make any noise and to carefully pick the places where you can sit a bird.

But if you managed to drive away the grouse from the woods, then there’s a shot from that is in flying grouse. In August when young grouse are learning to fly they are very easy to find as they move around heaps and take off is very noisy, while after takeoff grouse fly a very small distance and they are easy to catch. An experienced hunter, having reacted to launch, will not just shoot and wait when the bird will sit.

If you start to hunt not during feeding and after, or before it then you should listen to the whistle of a hazel grouse and maybe you will hear a loud trill.

In late September, closer to October, you can hunt grouse in places where a lot of pebbles and sand.

Individuals are very easy to lure, but don’t use the tweeters too often, otherwise the bird will notice you and go into the woods. Normal squeaky toy, you can create and wood duck feathers, but you can buy at a hunting store. If you buy, then do not take those that are made of metal, I advise you to give preference to a plastic fixture.

No less exciting kind of hunting on grouse — production surges. For the type of hunting you will need 2-4 people. If the hunters know where the birds make 1 remained in place, and the rest went around and tried to frighten grouse to fly on the 1st of the hunter, thereby it is possible to kill several birds. For hunting grouse suitable weapons of any caliber, as you have to shoot from a distance of 40 meters.

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