How to hunt for wolf by snowmobile,correctly choose the time,place and weather for a successful hunt

For a more effective, interesting and most importantly a successful hunt, you need to study a large amount of information about wolves. The wolf is highly adaptable and intelligent animal, very often they produce collective hunting and almost always stay in the pack. Today in Russia it is possible to identify only three species of wolves, forests, and steppe of the Central Russian wolves. The average weight of a wolf varies strap on forty pounds, but of course the hunters were able to fix and stronger individuals, which reached more than eighty pounds. Perhaps the most common and effective method of hunting currently is hunting on snowmobiles. Let us now consider this kind of hunting in more detail.

As you could already understand, hunting Snowmobiling is conducted in the cold season, from January to the end of February, depending on weather conditions. All of course depends on the climate zone, but in November and December, the hunters dare not go hunting because the snow cover is still unstable. Once one is strong or even moderate storms, right after they can safely go on the hunt. Experienced and thick layer of snow, can hide in the bushes, small rocks, and accordingly the hunter can move around this cover is much faster and safer.

If it’s severe snowstorm, then cancel the hunt. In such a climate factor the hunter will have very little chance to find wolf tracks, they will be immediately covered with snow. Only professionals will be able to lead a normal hunt in such weather conditions, and then only in the most leeward areas hidden from the wind sites.

Pre-hunters are talking about hunting on snowmobiles, and only if, there is a large percentage of probability to catch prey, go hunting. Many of you may ask, why not regularly hunt on snowmobiles? It’s very simple! Wolves are very intelligent animals and the sound of the snowmobile they remember for a long time. Therefore, even going through a week hunting in the same or nearby places, you will have only a small chance to notice the wolf tracks. Hunting, as a rule, go on a clear day, from early morning, it was at this time the sound is able to propagate for a long distance, so he heard the sound of the engines, the animal will have time to play with the maturation and to go further.

Professional hunters are advised to hunt the wolf on a snowmobile immediately after the last strong storm or Blizzard. In such a situation the wolves can go up to thirty miles, and their traces remain on the surface of the snow for long distances.

Once you have managed to discover the traces of the wolf, in any case, you should not immediately chase. Before doing pursuit, you need to carefully inspect the area around to calculate the correct direction of the animal. A good point would be that if you find traces of torn directly from production, in this case, it is possible to determine that the ox is already well-fed, and that means only one thing the wolf can’t go for a long distance, and after a while you can catch up with him.

The best season for hunting, experts believe January and February. In November or December hunt almost impossible, as the snow will not be enough for easy movement on a snowmobile. Although in our country the climatic conditions are variable, so you need to focus on them. If you are sure that the layer of snow is large enough, you can safely go on the hunt.

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