How to hunt for moose with huskies,the necessary knowledge for a successful hunt.

A very popular type of hunting in Russia. Peak hunting moose falls in autumn, during the rut. To be in time for utility bills, is to get out of the house early in the morning, before sunrise. During the internship you are more likely, at this time, the moose don’t wanna run from the place of feeding. See that swearing didn’t disturb the beast prone. Elk can run away so far that it catches up.

You need a well-trained and well-mannered dog! Here are the necessary qualities she must possess:

Stamina and excellent physical preparation, it is in the first place! Because moose can run at a speed of 50 – 70 kilometers per hour. He could attack your dog. To avoid harassment and abuse need a lot of strength.

Wide poles (find the animal). The dog needs to look for the moose, studying the whole forest far and wide. Dogs with a wide polatom, faster and more often find moose.

Viscosity. Laika should patiently pursue the beast, without being distracted by fatigue and other sounds. Viscosity is an innate quality of expletives, but it can be strengthened petrovce.

Malignancy is poor quality for hunting. Very bad dog probably scares away the elk, and he headlong run away. Good Laika have to bark at a moose from all sides, not letting him escape, but in any case not to rush him, not to frighten.

Hunting with Laika on moose starts with the fact that the hunter comes to the bills, or the rut of the elk. After the dog is released to search for fresh tracks. Come to the habitat of a moose needs to leeward, otherwise he’ll hear you. Good dog, seeing a moose, starts to swirl around him, causing curiosity. After the moose gets used to it, the husky starts to bark at him, causing confusion, and «beckoning» of the hunter.

If the moose get tired of listening to barking, he or goes on the attack, or running away with «resolution». A trained dog will silently overtake him on the side, then to stop his sudden barking.

Old, experienced moose, sometimes do not lend themselves to such tricks dog. They can smell a rat and immediately begin Jogging, running sometimes tens of kilometers. In such cases, there is a risk to lose a dog. Pet, fascinated by the chase, can run away and get lost. But the way back is not possible for all dogs.

By the way, the skins of elks are high, coarse hair with rather sparse and coarse winding down. In winter the coat differs brown or brown color, and gets ashy-grey hue on the legs and belly.

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