How to hunt for grouse with a dog and other hunting options

How to hunt for grouse with a dog and other hunting options

Among hunters, there is already a well-established and certain favorite types of hunting. Many people like to hunt duck, many people like to go hunting with dogs, use the check boxes and other accessories and devices. Somewhat less, in our time, those who like to hunt in the marsh game and it’s easy to explain, in order to successfully hunt birds, you need to have a trained gun dog. And the hunter, apart from having knowledge about how to appropriately work with the dog should be able to shoot accurately, so as to aim in such a hunt, often in flight.

Among all representatives of marsh fowl, including snipe, snipe and Jack snipe, the great snipe is valued above all, thanks to its special taste. In most hunting areas, grouse can be found much less often than other birds, but in spite of this, among hunters is considered the first and best upland game. This bird is called Belokurikha, a bed and silence. From snipe is distinguished by its large size and pretty good body, and also, more short and high at the base of the beak. Bird weight is about 300 gr.

How to hunt for grouse with a dog and other hunting options

The habitat of this bird is quite large. Snipe lives in almost all areas of Asia and Eurasia, in the winter, this small wading bird is sent to Africa. Likes to be in areas of constant high humidity for this reason, often it can be found in the marshland. Lifestyle exactly the same as the snipe. The bird begins to lead an active way of life only after the sun disappears behind the horizon.

Hunting for Belokurikha, since ancient times is considered to be truly Russian hunting, as this bird can not be found neither in America nor in Europe. On the territory of Russia the bird comes in late April, early may. Current the bird starts in early may and the end of the month these birds are already of the Suite of the nest. Places For nesting snipe chooses the more difficult places, be sure to overgrown thick bushes. This species of birds cannot be attributed to the family. Female grouse are hatching their offspring alone. The males can live in floodplains, lowland and spills in the junction of the rivers to the lakes and other water bodies. In the rainy periods of the year, snipe prefers to choose higher grounds, where it eats insects.

In fact, the place where most of time the bird, can hardly be called a full-fledged swamp. Those thickets and boggy places in which hunters have to walk in high rubber boots, in order to raise other representative of the marsh fowl, not quite fit the description of the places where, as a rule, settles the snipe. In the area where settles the bird to walk easily enough, because it is, as a rule, division or floodplain locations. However, in areas with sandy or rocky bottoms grouse is not found. There, he simply will not find food for themselves. So look for this bird is best at intermediate locations. Not on the swamp and dry meadow, and where there is sufficient humidity and swarming insects.

Hunting for the silence with a hunting dog is considered to be quite an interesting kind of hunting, the success of which depends not only on the training and talents of dogs, but also from the owner. The dog needs to be able to perfectly keep a solid stance, hold great flair, as well as fast and efficient to look for game. These qualities are inherent in the predominantly English, Irish, Scottish setter, pointer or Gordon. Somewhat weaker, for such a hunt will be the spaniels. These dogs are somewhat worse keep the rack, but very actively and efficiently guide the bird into the air and shot.

How to hunt for grouse with a dog and other hunting options

To hunt grouse at any time of the day. In the daytime, it is especially good to keep the bar dog. Hunter, who saw that his dog was in the rack, must not run headlong towards it. Better to approach slowly, to consider and only after that give the dog the command to raise the bird in the air. After the bird rose in the air, the dog better stay in place, ideally – to lie on the ground. In the air, it’s feathered wings makes the distinctive sound of «prrr», thus, preventing their relatives about the danger. A bird takes off a little awkward and unlike snipe, always has a direct the direction of their flight. Due to this, shooting at a target does not make any problems.

There are times when snipe flies, and escapes from under the counter dogs. In such a situation, the best feel its task spaniels. They are driving the game right at the hunter and quickly bring it back after a successful shot. If we talk about the breeds of pointers, then it is best not to require the exercise of submission. As there is a perception that a setter that will begin to bring game, will no longer take a stand, will immediately run to the bird and pick it up. But this strategy is not very profitable for the hunter.

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