How to hunt for grouse where to find it and to properly prepare for the shot

Grouse is a coveted prey, perhaps every hunter. Because of his place of residence, it is possible to hunt throughout the forest, the taiga of Russia from its Eastern to Western borders. The hazel grouse is a sedentary bird, besides unlike all other grouse, it is monogamous, making the hunt for him in own way unique. It is necessary to move through the woods, to spook the bird, and then carefully to follow where she flew. After this a hunter must have the utmost caution and care. You can not step on dry branches or accidentally caught hold of the bushes. Any noise can scare a very cautious bird. When hunters come up to the bird at a distance of aimed shot, we can say that the goal is reached.

When hunting grouse should be guided by his way of life, but rather his life. So even if you spook the bird, it will fly far, and usually, the flight is straight, and the landing place is close to the trunk of the tree to its lower branches. However you should know that the flight is repeatedly scared by the birds will be much longer than if it was scared the first time, and the place of landing from the lower branches of a tree to move to the top. Yes, and the grouse, after repeated flushed will be much more careful and vigilant. So the hunter need to be more careful.

How to hunt for grouse where to find it and to properly prepare for the shot

Since the secondary flight grouse longer, the naked eye can be very difficult to track the place of landing of a bird, besides it can prevent the branches of trees and their trunks. In this case, it is recommended to have binoculars. Binoculars may be useful at the beginning of the hunt. Especially if you are hunting grouse use a special decoy that will make the bird respond to the hunter. In this case, any optical means will greatly simplify locating grouse.

For a successful hunt you need to be careful while walking through the woods in order not to make noise, but you also need to have clothing that provides maximum camouflage. Clothing must not have in its range of bright colors, and Vice versa, should be of a muted color and blend in with the surrounding nature.

To catch their prey from the hunter, we need to think in the same way as grouse. By nature they are very careful and intelligent birds that distinguishes them from many grouse counterparts and makes it even more coveted trophy.

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