How to hunt for deer in the winter, with the approach that you choose the place and time of hunting

Hunting deer is very exciting at any time of the year. For winter hunting deer, should be prepared and visit all locations in advance. This animal is very fearful and won’t come out from her hiding place in the daytime, trying to feed late in the evening or at night. However, in the winter it’s harder for them to find their food, as all vegetation is covered in snow and the deer come out to fish during the day.

Weather for hunting choose a Sunny and slightly windy, because when the sounds of nature is added the noise of the wind, forest of the beast easier to go unnoticed. To come to the place of feeding deer should be another night not to frighten away with their steps and movement. Deer have a highly developed sense of smell and hearing, which helps them faster to hear the enemy and escape. In the case of the great danger to life, these animals can jump a distance up to 10 meters. Hunting for ROE deer refers to the sports of hunting and requires a lot of preparation, knowledge and skills.

There are different techniques of hunting for deer and each of them is unique and interesting. For example, hunting on feed grounds by two methods – waiting on the tower or from ambush. On the tower to expect the emergence of deer more comfortable and lighter than the ambush. This opens a big opportunity review site. An ambush is prepared improvised, not on the Playground, and trails. Their deer strikes, when winter is snowy.

Rigs built for frequent going on a hunt. You need to build buy own land and build such tower. Often the inside has heating, a comfortable seat, closing loopholes for the exit of the gun. Near the derricks arrange a feeding area and occasionally feed the animals. Frequent hunting, deer become accustomed to the presence of the tower and don’t pay attention to it.

Hunting with the approach requires a good knowledge of the forest, including places of residence and feeding deer. Go hunting alone or with friends, sometimes take to the forest a hunting dog. Come before sunrise, after selecting the needed camouflage gear. Usually choose khaki, even if she comes back in your direction, there is a chance that no one will see due to the similar color of the vegetation. Always gotta go against the wind, the maximum observing silence. Of the weapons often choose a rifle. Shot in the chest, shoulder blade or neck – the most vulnerable deer.

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