How to hunt for bear on a field,how to behave,to choose the place and weapons

Modern techniques and methods of bear hunting in the field is not changed for several centuries. The only difference is that rifle hunters use advanced and reliable.

Hunting on the field begins with the maturation of the oats. The bears will never miss the opportunity to eat spring crops. During the meal the bear stand on its hind legs, raking oats in his arms and chewing on the cereal very loudly while primative. Sound spread around in the radius of 15-30 meters and it is very difficult not to hear.

Banquet bear, sometimes with the family, only comes out at your trails. Before the hunt you should familiarize yourself with the terrain to ambush and hide in the field, or build a storage shed in the trees. It is on the tree the hunter a better view of the territory and the bear will be more difficult to feel the human smell.

To build the storage shed you will need to cut a few medium-thick trees that can withstand your weight. Too slim should not take. The next step will be chipping branches from felled trees, they will serve for the construction of stairs to our ambush. Locate the two stand near tall trees and wire or rope to make a ladder, climb it higher and higher.

Rising to a height of five meters, equip for himself a seat from a peg, and a small plank. Tie the stakes on both sides of the tree trunk, and the elbows should attach another one for insurance against falls from a height. For the construction of the storage shed takes only a few hours.

If next to no way to build a storage shed, it is quite possible to do the usual ambush. To do this, locate the thick bushes, camouflage them with branches and dry grass. The wind needs to blow at you from the side of the trail bear, and not Vice versa, because the bear can smell a person from a distance of several hundred meters.

How to hunt for bear on a field,how to behave,to choose the place and weapons

Come to spring field for a few hours before the event. In ambush to try not to smoke, not to whisper and refrain from talking. Even heard a small noise, the bear scared and run away. Before going hunting it is recommended to apply insect repellent odorless and turn off your mobile phone.

Shoot the bear in the chest, in the head (by the ear) or under the shoulder blade. If the bullet hit in the forehead of the beast, it could break a bone and ricocheted.

Be very careful when bear hunting on the oats, try to protect yourself. We hope that our tips will help you with this.

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