How to hunt for affection,choose the place and method of hunting

How to hunt for affection,choose the place and method of hunting

Weasel is a small and nimble animal, which belongs to the family Mustelidae. The animal has an elongated and thin body, the back is covered with brown fur and the belly and groin area is white or yellowish. These animals prefer to settle in the crevices of rocks, in fields and under stones.

To hunt the beast can in the daytime and at night. It can be noted that for many farmers and rural inhabitants, and affection quite often suffer losses and troubles, as these animals are brave enough to hunt, even on strong and adult Pets and poultry. These seizures most often occur in cold and frost, when weasels and other members of this family prefer to seek refuge in the vicinity of the housing and human settlements.

A lot of hunters, is quite contemptuous of the fishery on the affection. This is because the fur of this animal does not represent any value, but hunting with a gun makes no sense. Ball, and especially the fraction that falls in the small body of this animal, causing it to peel a unique harm. Basically, to hunt this beast used a variety of types of traps, including those constructed with his own hands, devices to catch in live traps and small. Some hunters use hunting the wily beast, or by tracking with dogs.

Almost all designs used traps designed to catch animals alive. These devices are placed at the entrance to the burrows of these small pests or in places where they do lazy to log in to the chicken coop or the barn. With their help, we can catch beast live, but the device itself is quite often makes the skin of the beast unusable. In the process of hunting by tracking allowed the use of weapons and other necessary attributes. When hunting for affection with a hunting dog, beast, as a rule, is produced in a living form.

How to hunt for affection,choose the place and method of hunting

As the design of traps on the affection can be used a variety of devices, including made with their own hands. These devices include cercany, seats, slides, dies, etc. Each made with their hands the trap has a unique design, but they all work based on the use of the standard bait, as which can be used as animal meat, sour cream, rotten eggs, pickled fish, small birds, etc.

Hard traps on the affection, are not put in places of human habitation. These devices are typically used in the forest, in conditions which do not allow lime beast other way. Bait for the trap is made from the same materials and by the same principle as the bait for the trap.

Hunting by tracking is mainly used for the extraction of forest weasels. The process can be used as a gun and a dog. The hunter moves along the track of the animal while taking into account that the affection can be equally successfully navigate both on the ground and in the trees. If the animal is tracked down by a dog, she usually takes it. The beast is hiding from the dog in the dead-fall, protruding above the ground the roots of trees, abandoned nests of birds or squirrels. The best breed for the production of weasels is the husky.

The dog should be able to determine the desired footprint, including one that was left in the night, to unravel it and trace directly to the place where the hidden animal. And only after determining that the weasel in his hole, the dog needs to know about it to the hunter with a loud bark. In this case, the dog in no case should not barking, walking on the trail. Continuous barking will confuse on the trail of the hunter and can significantly interfere with the process of hunting.

Most often, to catch the weasel manages within that household, in which she took the habit to come back. In the winter months, when snow and frost, hunt and gather food affection becomes more difficult, the animal moved as close as possible to a human dwelling. However, apart from mice and other rodents, which are the basis of the diet of small predator, please quite often begins to hunt and fowl and animals and so to get rid of this pest as soon as possible try.

Most often in such circumstances, a weasel caught in a trap, which is installed in the path of the beast or the shed or the attic, and always masked. To do this, it can simply scatter with snow, leaves or straw. However, the use of such a device may not be very advisable and even dangerous, if the house has Pets.

Often to catch weasels use a special cage, the bars of which should be made of metal. A wooden cage, the animal can easily gnaw. Inside the cage is always a bait which the animal must react. After the animal will be captured, it is best to stun, because please, that was captured, will try to overcome all the forces.

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