How to hunt elk on a roar and using RAID

The elk belongs to the deer family, and is one of the largest of its representatives. The size of the adult length is three meters to two meters, and weight is up to five hundred pounds, and they depend on region of residence elk, and from some peculiarities of individual character. Coloring this wild animal gives it a masking feature as it is in complete harmony with the colors of the bark of trees of the forest of mixed type. One of the features of elk can be called a very well developed hearing.

Catching a sound outside, the elk stops, takes a cautionary stance, listens and sniffs the air to ambient air, and sensing danger, wasn’t even in his field of vision, quickly runs away to a safer area. These animals are mostly kept in small groups, no more than five goals, and very rarely, the number comes to eight to ten goals. Summer forage for moose serve herbaceous plants of origin, young shoots of shrubs and trees, in winter their main food is the branches and bark of elm, willow or aspen.

The moose hunt in different ways, and one of them is hunting for a roar. The season is timed to the beginning of the mating season of these animals falls on the last week of August and first ten days of September. For its timing in the season is slightly more than half of the month. Conduct a hunt according to the method usually in the evening or at dawn. Before gonogo period, males, with fights among themselves, establish control over the area inhabited by females. If the hunter be able very skillfully to simulate military clique of the male and lure him into the open for a clean shot – good hunting is assured.

Can be done another way – taking the reference to bellowing of a bull can be very cautious animal at the distance of the fatal shot. Elk call of the female is markedly different from the calling of his brothers in the family (elk, deer and others), it is noticeably quieter, most likely similar to the grunting and moaning which can be well to distinguish at the distance of one hundred-four hundred metres. When hunting with this method, you should observe security measures not to be in the area of accidental discharge, it is best to hunt one or a maximum of two.

There is another way elk hunting is the driven hunt. While the collective hunt, it is mandatory to be an experienced hunter, who is appointed by the Manager or okladka. In the evening, it sets the location of the moose, and early in the morning makes the test of finding animals in the hunting area, and decide in which direction to make their pasture. Mostly, the direction depends on which way the wind is blowing, for the reason that the moose should be driven by the wind, so they are not heard, that is, the hunters are placed in the rooms. If possible chasing elk in the wind , but you should choose the transverse direction, but not against the wind.

In front of the fence, the hunting team, the Manager is divided into two groups – beaters and hands, and each of them explained their duties, which they must unquestioningly obey. One of the main conditions for Sagittarius, as during the class of his position, and in the process of the order of elks, is the observance of absolute silence. Experience arrow identifies very much as a result of hunting, and his main task is to make an accurate shot in a lethal spot a moose by the sudden appearance of the animal. In the framework of the safety arrangement of the shooters necessary to carry out at a distance of 50 to 100 meters from each other.

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