How to hunt elk by the method of the pen and Reva

Hunting method of the pen

Hunting on the forest giant’s method of pen, in his majority, is conducted in large teams. Many believe that a large number of huntsmen and shooters contributes to the successful result of hunting, but hunters with years of experience on this subject has a different opinion. Experienced, good beater can drive moose to the shooters ‘ line, but the company that creates a lot of noise, on the contrary, they can disperse before the start of the hunt. You should note that moose hunting method of the pen can be different.

When several hunters arrive to the hunting base pay law is one thing, they are completely different takes moose hunting local hunting team that have paid a collective license. With the first embodiment of the moose squad will be organized by the Rangers and made clear placement of hunters for your number, which corresponds to a specific sector of fire. All that remains is to make the hunter is to be very careful not to miss out in his area moose. A little different things are from self-hunting team. They need some way in advance to get moose to visit the site of the future of hunting, and this can be done using the salt licks. Install and update an old salt, you need the springtime, as they need the elk only during the spring-summer period. Before you start hunting crawl of forest land for the presence of moose. In mandatory selection head hunting, the order of which the law for everyone.

Elk hunting during the rut

For Reva hunt during the rut moose, which usually occurs in September – October months with a slight divergence of the Northern regions from southern regions. This type of hunting is pretty interesting, but fraught with difficulties. Here need professional knowledge and skills to encourage the opponent male or theft, the female voice of an adult bull. The ability attracts is of great importance also for the reason that all monkey e-type or Reva, is recorded on the tape, forbidden by the law of the hunt of the wild beast. Hunting is done in the following way: first, determine the location of rutting moose because of the presence of fresh females trace theft or broken trees and branches. From time to time, the hunter produces walenie elk, but he does this not too loud and not too often, as this wild animal with excellent hearing or just a single simulation. So when the audible approach of a moose to lure it cease to maintain its secrecy. Well, matter for a well-aimed shot.

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