How to hunt ducks in the spring,choose a type of hunting and weapons

How to hunt ducks in the spring,choose a type of hunting and weapons

Duck hunting is amazing and a pleasure in all senses: the pleasure while hunting, be satisfied with nature, in any case, to bring home a trophy that you can prepare yourself or, finally, easy to sell. However, all this requires compliance with it was a simple but necessary rules.

Duck hunting continues for most of the season — spring, summer, autumn. However, spring hunting is permitted only on the drakes, and females can be hunted only during the summer-autumn period. There are different methods of hunting, for example, with dogs, under the hut, with a duck decoy on a decoy, with the approach of the boat, by combining several of the methods for better shooting.

Spring hunting is the most easy prey. The best will be shooting strong Drake at dawn, using a decoy duck and a decoy. Decoy duck is a cross between domestic and wild mallards. Better to take the infusion of two ducks: one attracts, the other at the time resting. But this type of hunting does not always bring proper fun — manoc here to help.

Decoy – whistle for luring birds. It should be used wisely — as soon as a flock of drakes turned in your direction, hearing the sounds of semolina, so you should shut up, not to startle. The sound trills should be chosen under the form of the duck. So, thinking that a number of other birds, it is easy to frighten the young males. Better to make yourself a decoy and to train as a musical instrument. Inviting the sounds of the trill need not be contiguous, otherwise you can easily scare off future production. It is important to remember that when hunting with a duck decoy arrows should be invisible. To merge with nature, it is good to build a hut.

Summer-autumn hunting is especially interesting for lovers of running or driveway hunting is allowed only during this period. Shooting from a boat is most effective with participation from 2 people. One on the bow of the boat with a gun, and the second at the stern with a paddle. For sustainable and wide the boat is easier to hide in the reeds or disguise the boat under the thickets, on open water. Only during the transition to horizontal flight ducks you can shoot. And with the approach – better to hunt in August, with a Spaniel or setter. The dog first puts on the wing of a duck, then after a good shot brings the prey to the owner. Patience, the ability to hunker down and wait — that important aspects of the running of the hunt.

Duck is always in your hands, hunters!

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