How to hunt ducks in the fall with a Spaniel

How to hunt ducks in the fall with a Spaniel

In the early autumn time period, rarely a fan of hunting would not want to shoot the ducks. For fermentation in the swamps, of course, in the company of a faithful dog is better in the early morning or in the evening dusk. Only this time, hunting will bring you the trophy. But the dog will indicate where is located the refuge ducks. It is better to give preference to such species as a Spaniel or cops. The last breed of dog to meet quite difficult, but spaniels are not only great helpers in the hunt, but also a home dog. It is with great excitement are on the trail, and in search of the old birds are not afraid of water, thickets of dense and long distances. To teach him to hunt just because spaniels have a natural instinct of the hunter.

Selecting for duck hunting Spaniel, it is worth considering that they Mature at the age of three. When working on the pond need some physical effort and the dog gets tired quickly, so the hunt can last up to two hours. It is not recommended to overload a dog while hunting, as it can permanently stop his enthusiasm for this kind of hotel.

It is important to consider that teaching a Spaniel to hunt ducks, he is indifferent to other representatives of game including pheasant, grouse, partridge or grouse.

To teach a dog breed Spaniel duck hunting is not difficult, but requires some effort. From an early age to try as often as possible to walk him near ponds or lakes. Try, in the form of a game, throw items into the water to the dog to reach them and, most importantly, bring you. Be sure to read Spaniel habitats of ducks.

Nataska better implement on a decoy duck, the dog from an early age began to understand what is required of her during the hunt. Very rarely he manages to catch the game the first time, it needs a long training and time. So the excitement is not lost, do not forget to encourage the production of your faithful four-legged friend. Between throwing decoy take a break for 15 minutes so he wasn’t tired.

Buy duck decoy is not difficult. Their selection is not great, but you can pick the right one. You can also ask for help in the community in which you are. There you will definitely help you to choose the duck for replanting. They can help you with advice and to share experience in training spaniels for hunting ducks.

Before going hunting ducks with a dog of a pit must be prepared. You must first make sure that the dog obeys you without question. He, with the whistle of wings, immediately rushes to the pond, and certainly hurt to shoot. So to teach your dog to calmly wait for the team a lot of important in the hunt for current.

After the dog went for the kill, stay close to the hut. By the way, it is important to note the approximate location of the drop game, if necessary, to indicate to the dog the direction to search.

After committing shots carefully, slowly explore the coastline for the presence of the wounded. One of the most important qualities of the dog breed of the Spaniel is that they will find almost all trophies, regardless of your or not. Many residents of rural areas located near wetlands hunters in your yard prefer to keep the dogs breed Spaniel it is because of these advantages.

Do not worry if at first time I went hunting with my four legged friend had to return home without a trophy. Next time you’ll get lucky, and then the Spaniel will become more experienced and more manageable!

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