How to hunt ducks during the flight,learn to choose the right place and lure

Duck hunting in our country is widespread in any time of the year. Where there is a small body of water (lake, river, reservoirs, marshes) likely inhabited by ducks. For quality shooting ducks need to have a certain amount of knowledge to prepare the hunter, the necessary equipment, study area, where live ducks, their biology and weather conditions in different seasons of hunting. Ducks are much easier and more affordable to produce than the so-called red game. Therefore, such hunting, in some cases, does not require large money expenses.

The technique of shooting ducks on flights is very common and rarely a hunter will be able to refuse such an invitation. Even opponents uchatsnikov. The flights are carried out at dawn or after sunset. Until the end of August the young Mallard ducks manages to grow up enough to fly to the feeding grounds, fields, swamps, rivers and lakes. Usually the birds forage at night and early in the morning return to their home pond. The route has not changed and has taken the suitable for shooting places, hunters often come back with rich booty.

The reservoir should arrive before sunset. Place to choose ambush in the dry, to then not have to look for shoot production thickets and swamps. Special masking is not required, it is only necessary to hide in the thick reeds and still have to wait for the flight. On rainy days the ducks are flying quite low and slowly, and in clear weather rises above and flying them fast and swift. The most successful for the shooting time when the wild birds fly to feed than when she returned. On a hunt most often going to a lot uchatsnikov and it is necessary to observe safety when shooting, not to get into a hidden on the other side of the pond counterpart.

Another method of duck hunting is hunting with a decoy. This device helps to imitate the sounds of the birds, which respond to the drakes and mallards. Using decoy to lure birds in close distance, or know the exact location of the ducks at the pond. The sound of these devices is loud and quiet, convenient to use at different times of the day in open water or in reeds. There are also wind instruments (sounds from semolina gives himself a hunter), and email (record of voices of birds on an electronic device). Each hunter selects a decoy in accordance with their preferences regarding financial capacity, experience and area where you will be hunting.

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