How to hunt down the hare

How to hunt down the hare

Any hunt is great fun and a lot of patience. Especially for hunting hares. Found almost on all territory of Russia, the most interesting animals to winter forest hunt will be the hare. Before heading into the woods, answer the question: what, where, when and how?

What to take to the road? For beginners: learn how to read traces (Malika), learn all the habits of long-eared beauties, to perform an accurate reconnaissance of the area. Tune in to patience, attention, calm. Take binoculars, a rifle.

Sure the selected location is the Foundation for stalking rabbits. In open areas, in fields, you can meet them at the beginning of winter. In the midst of winter, – is to go into the woods. There they also find a special place: the hills and ravines. Remember that dense forest will not give you good visibility.

Choose to send the road clear, calm and warm winter day. You good a good overnight snow and wind that will sweep all the ancient Maliki and give the ability to easily hunt on the newly-fallen snow. The night the rabbit is fed, and thus leave their traces. Choose early morning when the tracks are still quite fresh.

Here you are almost there: saw night way cherished animal or Maliki. Remember, binoculars and weapons should already be ready. Read on the trail — an interesting exercise. First you need to understand the direction in which the hare escaped. Then go on the trail. This amazing beast moves forward exposing the rear first and then front legs. Which is original. This is the first stage trapping traces. As he doubled tracks? The hare runs at first to the place of their feeding, then moves back to his lair. Given the way he’s spinning, a few times running on their own and other traces left by other long-eared. Can jump in the refuge of his relative, and then twos, threes to run on. Well confusing tracks for an experienced agile hunter, not a hindrance. He knows what it takes to find a fork. On the ground of the bills of said plurality of traces left, a characteristic which is also in close paw prints. This place is worth a detour and travel to wintering grounds hare. Again, you will not deceive – he will be uniform. But there is a pitfall: Maliki levels can vary fat. Hunter should not be close to the hole: the rabbit just jump out and rush away.

Good hunting, sicheniki!

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