How to hunt deer with a decoy,pick the place correctly and entices

How to hunt deer with a decoy,pick the place correctly and entices

ROE deer is a small member of the family of deer. Their average weight can reach 30 kg. they Live in woodland with dense thickets. Deer rarely gather in flocks, prefer to settle in small series of up to ten individuals. In the winter time can get in several families.

In the middle of summer comes the active period of the rut of the ROE deer. Hunters using special decoys to attract males. This technique is especially valid in the beginning of August, when females becomes smaller and males have a mating season is not yet over.

Decoy is a small tube with whistle. With the help of this device you can simulate the sounds of the female ROE deer. A decoy is usually made from wood, metal and it has a cog which you can use to adjust the sound. Also recommended at the beginning of the rut to use a fairly high-pitched sound that by the end of the season is below.

Electronic decoy simplifies the steps of the hunter, it is mechanically configures itself plays the sound. However, it is very expensive. With an same call should be to Tinker and learn exactly to imitate the sound and timbre of a deer or calf. While hunting is not recommended to abuse decoy and use it for a long time. With these actions, you’re more likely to scare the animal than attract it.

How to hunt deer with a decoy,pick the place correctly and entices

To find deer during this period due to numerous potholes, trodden tracks and double the track marks of the male and female. In places where the male lives, is clearly visible the broken branches of trees and shrubs. Finding the tracks of an adult male, the hunter quietly walks behind him, moving against the wind. To hide well in the thick bushes or in a group of young, closely spaced trees. Sometimes a male can be so close to the hunter with a decoy, which the latter have no opportunity to shoot. Podmanivaya the animal only until then, until it is at a distance sufficient for the shot. The male may behave differently: talking quietly, stopping often to go, head down and sniff, and can run up quickly and rapidly to the hunter.

Experienced hunters go into the woods alone – while one in ambush beckoning to the male, the other at this time completely ready for the shot and is at a distance of 50-60 meters from the first. With cries of a wounded animal or a plaintive whistle can lure those deer that there are no other tricks.

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