How to hunt deer using salt licks,the behaviors of the hunter and the choice of location

For many ungulates, including ROE deer, one of the best treats is salt, because of its permanent deficiency in the body. Hunters and experienced hunters, use this feature to hunting deer them, and engaged in the construction of distributors of salt, or as they are called in the people – salt. Device solonetzes is a time consuming process, but they are able to keep deer in the forest areas, and good hunting with good production will be compensated for this hard work. The location of the distributors of salt should be selected in accordance with certain requirements.

The first condition of the construction of the salt in a square of forest land is the presence of deer. Naturally, in the salt lick, built near a field or forest, it is easy to deliver salt, but that will come there deer? Optimal place for the construction of the distributor of salt will be a good forage base and availability of water. Also before the start of the season,near salt licks, it is necessary to arrange a couple of susedoc. By design, the aspen Solonets is a deck with logging inside in which to be salt. The deck should be fixed on two stumps, but at such a height that deer were easy to eat salt, and it needs to have a good overview. Under these conditions, a visit to the ROE deer salt licks provided to you.

How to hunt deer using salt licks,the behaviors of the hunter and the choice of location

Best hunting of these wild goats conducted in the summer and until mid-autumn, because it is closer to winter they will no longer use the salt licks. But as soon as warms the warm spring sunshine, deer are eager to come to check the salt licks and to try the much-beloved delicacy. First, they find free from snow, melted and distributors of salt, and then visit others, and the less they worried, the more and more they appear on the constructed hunter bait. Some hunters are advised to arrange the blind on the ground, but the effect they bring, as it does not have large facilities, scaring deer and provide no masking the smell of man. The best option is the construction of a storage shed at a certain height from the ground (3 to 4 meter), because the wind does not stagnate the human smell and lifts it up. From a height it is much better to explore the area, including the salt lick, and approach it deer, the hunter will have enough time to prepare for marksmanship to return home with the trophy.

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