How to hunt deer in the fall,right to choose the place and method of hunting

How to hunt deer in the fall,right to choose the place and method of hunting

ROE deer is a graceful animal, which is considered one of the most beautiful of all hoofed animals of the earth. It is a small deer that has a short torso and a slight build. Deer are distinguished, above all, rounded and twisted horns. Good hunting for deer hunters always bring the meat and fat of high quality, and also the skin, which always made suede and horns, which are used for making various products. For this reason, ROE plays a very significant role in the hunting. From the skins of deer, which is produced in the autumn, very often made very strong and warm garments.

In nature, there are two major groups of these animals: the West-European and East-Siberian. They are very difficult to distinguish by color and animals that belong to the Eastern Siberian groups are large. In summer, the animals are reddish in color, and in cold seasons the fur becomes more gray shades. Most often the place of residence ROE chooses deciduous and coniferous plantations, valleys located near the rivers and reed thickets.

In the summer, with good weather and the harvest, small deer feeds mainly on grass, and in the autumn time of year, animals are quite often seen in areas of berry bushes, where they feed on delicious and juicy berries and fruits. One of the favorite feeding grounds of these animals, there is a field sown with clover. In winter, deer are much harder to earn their living and therefore, most animals leave their shelters in search of food.

In the cold season, this animal can afford to eat only found under a layer of snow, acorns, moss, shoots and buds of trees, remnants of dried herbs and flowers. Every day, several times, ROE the need for clean running water and therefore, these animals prefer to stay close to large bodies of water or small streams.

How to hunt deer in the fall,right to choose the place and method of hunting

Early in the summer, the ROE deer rut season begins and lasts until late autumn. At this time, male deer become angry and fierce, and sometimes can even fight each other to death. The male pursuing the female, can do this for several days until there is no more And only after the end of rut, in order to provide a more easy and safe autumn transition, the animals gather in small groups.

In early autumn, these animals prefer to live alone. And only after the rut deer gather in groups, which can be quite easy to distinguish the male. During all the months of autumn, the animals are moved from place to place, and with the onset of winter, after the loss of snow cover, looking for a not too snow-covered places to find food. Very often, the rivers and the passes become an insurmountable obstacle for the herds of deer so the animals can accumulate near such places.

Small drizzle and constant wind provide the best conditions under which to hunt at the little deer. Even the slightest rain and wind, in deciduous and coniferous forests immediately formed drops, hiding from which deer begin to emerge into open terrain. In inclement weather, to come as close to the ROE deer will be a little easier. The animal has an excellent sense of smell and hearing, blunted the adverse weather conditions.

The best time for a hunter who stalks deer, considered to be early morning. To understand the movement of the animal, an experienced hunter may, having carefully considered it should. Sagging too deep into the tracks, which are located at a great distance from each other, can attest to the fact that the animal had sensed danger and had disappeared in the depths of the forest. But calm and smooth trail may be evidence that deer was full on feeding, went on in a measured way to look for a suitable place for seasoning. A trail can attest to the fact that the deer lay down somewhere quite close.

How to hunt deer in the fall,right to choose the place and method of hunting

Hunter, published for the production of this trophy, you must smoothly and quietly survey the area from time to time pausing and carefully examining the nearby bushes or thickets of tall grass using binoculars. Good results when hunting deer can be hunting from a blind. On a hunt is also coming out as early as possible, even during the morning dawn. This requires using intelligence to pre-set locations where animals come to drink or feed.

Finding places where animals pasture, the hunter can approach only after determining the direction of the wind. Thus, the deer will not hear the hunter’s smell, but I can still see hear the approach, thanks to its excellent sight and hearing. For this reason, hunting for deer in the fall season, you need camouflage clothing with camouflage print.

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