How to hunt corncrake with a hunting Spaniel,properly organize the hunt

Derkach is a nondescript and rather clumsy bird during takeoff even not picks up feet. So it seems that flew a little egret. Derkach does not like to fly, but they run pretty fast. He is probably the most brisk and fastest bird on earth. Derkach always notify the place of his heckling, shouting. His cry is audible for a distance of 300 metres the morning or evening dusk, or night, sometimes during the day. They start screaming. welcome.

For the middle band they arrive in mid-may and depart in early August. Depart to the South these birds in late September. As a trophy Derkach does not have much interest. He can not compare with a sleek snipe or woodcock. Has an unkempt appearance and not pretty head. However, it is very taste good. Most often found in open areas with herbaceous vegetation, swamps, meadows, and ponds. Also rarely it can be seen in forest clearings and glades with sparse shrubs, as are fans of clover, often found on potato fields.

Legaladvice try to avoid corncrake, since pointer has no ability to make solid Parking on the running birds. Derkach does not like to fly and therefore runs away from dogs. However, the hunt for the corncrake to breed quite adventurous and exciting thing. For paneelista it is the main prey. It is on the rail can fully reveal the quality of the spaniels as hunting dogs.

While hunting for corncrake dog must scour the land ahead of the hunter hook, while 25-30 m to the side. Moving should be against the wind or at an angle. The optimal time for hunting in this case — the morning and evening dawns. Very carefully it is necessary to search the edge of the bushes, ditches and tall grass. The main goal is the identification of traces or odour of the birds. If the dog is very long picks in korostelina the weather should bring her to the area against the wind the Shuttle so she took my nose the smell of live poultry. In this hunting of the Spaniel should expect excellent ability to use intuition to learn Narodov, the ability to distinguish the smell of the track, as well as energy connections to motivate the bird to take off.

Best on corncrake hunting at dawn for example, after duck hunting.

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