How to hunt brown bear on oats,select the weapon,place and properly equip storage shed

Brown bear is fast, agile and hardy predator that swims well and runs fast. The apparent clumsiness of the bear is an obvious mistake. Especially dangerous bear in the spring, when he was acutely aware of the shortage of plant foods.

Bear hunting is not a mass kind of hunting, it is a luxury entertainment for the desperate daredevils. Hunting for bear, it is difficult to predict who will be the prey, and the majority of hunters shy away from the fierce beast.

One of the most common methods of hunting bear hunting on the oats.

The principle of hunting is based on the fact that oats is the main food of the bear for the fat accumulation prior to hibernation. Fields of oats bear is beginning to emerge in the middle of summer, sometimes one field visit from some bears.

To monitor and hunt the beast to the field installed building called labaz. To optimally set the storage shed 10-15 metres from the identified animal tracks. With the installation of a warehouse and its production, it is important not to frighten the bear, because the animal has excellent hearing and sense of smell. The optimal height of the observation point 2-3 meters, depending on the crown height of trees. For tracking feeding places of the animals and installation of storage shed, try not to leave traces. If there is a possibility that the bear will change the place of feeding, it is necessary to manufacture a portable storage shed. Materials from which is made the cover is of spruce, aspen or birch branches. Try to use a tree species that grows in the place of installation. The point should be well disguised and have a perfect overview. A storage shed should be as equipped and comfortable, we have to hunt down the beast for many hours. Strictly prohibited, this will scare away the predator. Clothes and shoes hunter should allocate any additional odors, but at the same time should be warm and comfortable. Usually bear out on the field before sunset, considering it, a storage shed, you need to take in advance. Before we start I advise you to go to the toilet. To detect the approach of a bear can be even before visual contact, you will notice how fields disappear all small animals, suddenly interrupting his meal.

How to hunt brown bear on oats,select the weapon,place and properly equip storage shed

For hunting bear are the best carbines «Bear», «Moose». If you want to use a smoothbore gun, the caliber needs to be the 12th and the 16th. The optimum bullet is the «brennecke» or Shira-Shikhmatov (not sold, but produced independently). Aim and shoot the bear be as accurate as possible. You need to get in a vulnerable position. The bear is very tenacious. Vulnerabilities bear has a head (brain), neck and heart. Optimally you should be shot in the spine, under the shoulder blade (i.e. in the heart). With precise hit predator rarely manages to escape. Although there have been cases where the bear was even with a broken heart. If possible, the wounded bear (wounded animal) you need to look for a day of hunting. If this is not possible, then you need to wait for the next morning. It is strictly forbidden to look for the wounded animal at night, the consequences of such an event is unpredictable. The next morning, the dog will easily find «realized» of the beast. If the animal is still alive, in a rage, he may attack on the hunter.

Before transporting the body of a bear, you need to gut. Without removing the entrails, you can ruin the carcass of the animal.

Bear hunting is dangerous and unpredictable, requires courage, endurance and composure, and ultimately rewards his gorgeous hunting trophy.

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