How to hunt boar by the method of the theft

How to hunt boar by the method of the theft

Boar hunting is a very interesting and exciting kind of hunting. Production of the animal assures the hunter of a large number of valuable products, but even in spite of this, a boar’s Providence in our country was never. This hunting is much more dangerous than others, but for the true hunter it’s a big beast is a really valuable trophy. Wild boar meat that combines the taste of venison and homemade pork can be considered a true delicacy. But the process, which in reality is associated with many difficulties, only a fictional gambling hunters do. For what is in reality to understand the techniques and the ways to hunt for wild boar a hunter should exposure. Not superfluous for this class will be in good physical shape. But, despite the difficulties, many with the start of the new season, again and again sent to the prey of this animal.

During the year, this large animal can be detected in areas of forest clusters of shrubs, or in places of abundant growth of reeds. An ideal habitat for wild boar is considered to be residency short and not too snowy winters and a good climate that provides an animal enough food during the day. At the beginning of the autumn hunting season, wild boar are often seen on the edges of forests located in close proximity to agricultural land and crops. As the end of the harvest, these big beasts go deep into the forests in search of natural food. In the winter, at a time when perhaps the strong and heavy snowfall, wild boar may not move and not change your place lying down for several days and may not absent himself from his place of residence more than half a meter.

In the summer, as the place of its maturation, the animal chooses the raw ravines and gullies with thick vegetation, with bushes and dense spruce forest which shelter the animal from probecause rays of the sun. In the habitats of these animals can be discerned easily enough mud or flooded with water puddles.

How to hunt boar by the method of the theft

Places that animals often choose as their shelter, called a nest or a den. Females who are expecting or already have a brood, with the utmost care and equip your home, carefully covering it with grass or hay. His lair, the animal usually creates in the wild thickets, but there are times when the nest of the beast can be found in an open meadow or in the field. In this case, as cover is used, the ditch or the bushes.

Sense of smell and hearing are two of the most developed on the animal. That is why, while hunting for the beast we must first of all take care that no clothes or shoes of the hunter doesn’t produce any sounds had strong odors. For example, do not go for wild boar in the new boots, which is in the air the smell of tar or dressed in sheepskin, preserving the smell svezheubrannoy skin. Visual theft can take no actions. You only need to take care to not approach the animal downwind, which will be able to convey to the animal smell of a person and against the wind. The smell of alcohol, cigarettes or even spirits in the process of such hunting, is absolutely not acceptable. In the process of theft, you must try to move completely silently. Therefore, a Shoe that squeaks or knocks, should also not be used by a hunter. Should not fully rely on the poor eyesight of the animal and therefore, approaching the wild pigs, and you need to use items that can be a refuge.

The easiest way to catch the boar off guard is to sneak up on him summer day, the warmer weather, at a time when he’s resting after feeding. In the process of eating all of his senses more acute. But to see it in prone is very difficult – it is not in open areas or visible from a distance. While eating, the captured animal is constantly moving its tail. The tail immediately hangs in the air without the slightest sign of movement, if the animal noticed extraneous movement or smell. That is why in the process of stalking you first need to focus on the movement of the tail of the beast. If this part of the body of the animal is in motion, then everything is fine and you can continue the STO-len, but as soon as the tail stopped, hunter was the best strategy.

More experienced hunters know that the best goals to shot a head, neck and subscapularis area of the body of the animal. The shots that inflicted on other parts of the body, can be completely ineffective. If the animal is injured or escapes then after you can shoot the spine.

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