How to hunt beaver in the spring

How to hunt beaver in the spring

Beaver is the largest representative of the rodent family that live on the territory of our country. Adults can reach a weight up to 30 kg with a body length of about one meter. The main value of this animal is its thick fur consists of coarse hair and a softer undercoat. The unique qualities of this fur, and provide the animal the ability to stay dry even under water. More recently, in the beginning of the 20th century, these animals were on the verge of extinction throughout the world, including on the territory of our country. And only thanks to the timely measures for the protection of animals adopted by the state beaver lives today in his usual areola habitat.

Beaver hunt is so exciting and interesting that sometimes the hunters, who preferred all types of hunting, duck hunting, knowing what the extraction of this large rodent, left duck fishing on the backburner. Anyone who intends to obtain such a valuable trophy, he chooses a form of hunting beaver. Some prefer to hunt by using traps, and some await reconciliation with a gun or even a special crossbow in ambush. On the territory of our state to enter the fishery beaver with a gun is possible from the beginning of October to the last day of winter.

Hunting for beaver with any kind of small arms very quickly captures any hunter. Before production is necessary to detect a pit of small depth. Within such a pit should not be too strong. This will enable the hunter to focus on the process of hunting. It is very important to shelter the beaver was living. To determine the presence of hosts near the house is possible on the heels, which suggests that the animal gnawed trees and nearby bushes.

Found in the pre-pit is necessary to find a suitable place for the future of the blind. The ideal option would be the presence on that place of the trunk of any tree, which you can see the fingerprints of the presence of the owners. It is possible to hide or in the nearby Bush or in the crown of the tree. The animal which was chosen as the place of food this site will probably go back.

Sitting in ambush, you need to try not to make noise and in any case not to give yourself. If at least one of the beavers will notice the presence of a stranger in its territory, hunting can safely stop, as its continuation will be senseless. For at least several days, this site appears no representative of the family.

The most appropriate charge for hunting beaver is considered to be large enough nine millimeter fraction. But beginning hunters it is best to use buckshot, the diameter of which is six and a half millimeters. It should be remembered that the weapon must always be adequately prepared and keep it alert because the target can appear unexpectedly. Such parameters of buckshot is not very suitable for hunters, as shots can greatly damage a valuable skin of a beast.

How to hunt beaver in the spring

The best time for a shot, this is the moment when the animal gets to the shore and freezes, studying and sniffing around the neighborhood. For hunting this animal can be equally successfully to use the crossbow and melkashki. However, in this case the hunting success will depend on the abilities and talents of the hunter. In order to hunt beaver with a crossbow has become the most successful you just need to finalize the weapons. For this crossbow you must attach the coil.

In many specialized stores you can buy a spool with the arrow of the harpoon. In this set you can only use the coil as the harpoon intended for fish will not cause significant harm to the beaver. You should always consider that the beavers are strong enough to wound and even after the fatal shot, the animal long enough to suffer and be in agony. The harpoon can be to make the hands of the crossbow bolt and the steel bar. Choosing this type of hunting, it is worth remembering that this process requires much more skill of the hunter.

In turn, the hunting of that valuable animal using melkashki, will require a great hunter hit and expertise. Despite the short distance to the animal, a gunshot will need to produce as accurately as possible and in certain places. A huge advantage of hunting with melkashki, is that bullets of this weapon absolutely will not harm the appearance of the skin of the beast.

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