How to hunt bear with falling,correctly organize a hunt

Brown bear — a very large animal. The weight of an adult can reach 700-800 kg All hunters know that hunting the brown bear is a dangerous occupation, nevertheless, not a fan of hunting, who would not dream to obtain this trophy. However, any hunter who plans to meet in the woods with a bear, you must carefully prepare for this hunt. Varieties of hunting on the bear there is a huge number. One of the most popular ways are considered to be hunting for fall hunting in the sun.

Bear hunting, which is held in early spring, represents the most complicated case. This is because during this period, still plenty of the last remnants of ice and snow, and the hunter needs to find the traces of the animal path that he’s supposed to be moved and then selecting a suitable site, with a lot of room between the trees. The trees should serve as a hunter, acting as shelter or storage shed that is made in the form of a simple platform of twigs.

How to hunt bear with falling,correctly organize a hunt

A storage shed is located at a height of about three meters and is a perfect place to ambush the animal. This design must be installed not just at a certain height. Mandatory condition for the construction and use of storage shed can be described as excellent visibility of the place where will be located the bait from falling. This hunt is designed exclusively for bait. The mouse has a very delicate scent and are unlikely to pass such a flavor.

As for the construction of shelter, it can be constructed directly during hunting, and in advance, which, undoubtedly, will be much easier and better. Even at early construction, you should try not to make noise and not to loud sounds that can frighten or alert the animal. Therefore, all construction materials are better to bring to the place in advance, already sliced and ready to install.

The lure or the bait for this hunt, too, is done in advance. In the process of making lures, not enough use the normal piece of meat. It is very important that animal meat which is subsequently to serve as a lure, has died from a communicable disease. Otherwise there is the risk of Contracting many of the forest dwellers. Throw the bait in an open area, about twenty meters away from the shelter of the hunter. Experts recommend positioning the bait in place on the day of the ambush. Previously, you can provoloki it along the ground to 150-300 meters. This will allow the smell to spread to more distance and better attract the beast.

A very important factor in this hunt is the wind. When the bait is in place, and the hunter in the woods, the wind needs to blow from the lure to the hunter, but not in the other direction. This condition is very important and the hunter who has prepared all the conditions for such a hunt, you need to try and calculate this condition.

Begins a hunt for 2-3 hours before the event. For security reasons and to avoid possible falling of a tree, the hunter is best to tie a rope to a strong branch so that movement was free and not constrained. Branches will steal lies in wait, but the space for the sight it is best to prepare in advance and so that branches do not interfere. When everything is ready, you will need to lay low. The noise, the talk, and the more Smoking is unacceptable.

Despite the fact that toed the animal is very large and heavy it can move completely quietly. But if to frighten him and the cheerleaders, he doesn’t buy the bait, even if it is very hungry. Experienced hunters claim that the bears are for half days in a row to be near the bait and come to her only after sunset. Therefore, to position the lure at a selected location, long before sunset does not make much sense.

When the bear looked around and finally approached the bait, began to explore and sniff, the moment of truth for hunter. It remains to take a position, aim and shoot, as it was at this point the bear is absolutely quiet and inactive. In this hunting it is best to use a large caliber and use bullets to heavy weight. If You have the capabilities, it is best preparing for these hunting to buy optics.

And then I am sure the sight at that distance will be provided. Bear the beast big and serious, inaccurate shot or wound can lead him into a rage. In addition, if the time for the shot only came in the night, the silhouette of the beast will be smeared, and only the optics will help to get a better aim. In such a situation is not superfluous under-barrel laser flashlight which will provide the opportunity for sighting shots.

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