How to hunt bear with dogs

Since ancient times, bear hunting was a serious and honorable thing. After all, to get this large animal is not easy. A safecracker needs to have a careful, firm hand, keen eye and strong nerves. The confrontation with him could end tragically for hunter, because the beast is quite aggressive in nature. In this difficult matter to help people comes dog. One of the best breeds that have proven themselves in the hunt for the bear, there is abuse.

Faithful assistant – Laika

There is a wide variety of hunting breeds. However, the husky – dog universal. It successfully hunt for squirrel, grouse, badger, marten, moose, wild boar, bear and other game. But as the hunter has to grow to serious hunting, and the dog should Mature to work on the bear.

First of all lycopodii to cracking jokes on the bear. There are separate articles on details of dog training-mediatica. The first acquaintance likes with the beast occurs at the hounding camps. The dog must learn to find the bear and bark it, to be able to hold. One of the most important skills — ability to work in a pair. Because the optimal number of huskies in the hunt for the bear – 2-3 dogs.

Extraction of a bear during hibernation

The success of this hunting main obratimosti in the ability of dogs to detect the den. After all, before you lie dormant bears detail confuses their tracks. In addition, due to the reduction of metabolism during hibernation, the animal emits a very faint smell, therefore, the husky should have a good feel.

Having found the den, the dog gives voice to inform the landlord about the discovery. At this stage, his work can be considered completed. If the abuse is constantly barking found the couch, then this is a serious deficiency in teaching, as the beast can Wake up and run away. Todamage to take some time to track down and shoot rod. Dog in any case should not get into the den. Awakened by the bear in his den will not leave Laika chance for salvation.

Finding the den, the hunter can immediately start mining of the beast, or, if it has not been disturbed, leave the sleeping Bruins alone and come back another day.

The hunter should be very careful when shooting because the dog will run around the beast, harassing and distracting him, so there is a danger of hitting his four-legged assistant. Blame an adult bear with one shot is not easy, and in the case of a miss, all hope of the hunter’s dogs. They’ll hold the beast and not give a fast escape, or if he did not rush on the person will protect the owner did not spare their own lives.

Hunting on the trail of the beast.

Hunting for waking the bear from the hunter requires a good knowledge of the habits of this animal. The objective of the curses will be not only to hunt an animal and bark at it, and still be able to hold up to the appearance of the owner. Bear is not afraid of battle and will not to get away from it until you hear the man. The hunter must be very careful not frightening beast to approach to a distance shot. Need to be approached from downwind and without creating noise, as the bear has an excellent sense of smell and hearing. For reliable shot will have to approach close enough – therein lies the danger. A wounded bear can be very aggressive and is a serious threat. In case of unsuccessful contact the safecracker have to show the composure to take myself in hand and to shoot.

Bear hunting is a dangerous occupation for both dogs and humans. Most often, in the struggle with the wild beast huskies will get seriously injured and die. Going hunting, the hunter should be as assembled and ready for any difficulties and surprises.

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