How to hunt bear: how to find the den and to organize the hunt

Among the modern population you can find a large number of fans of bear hunting. One of the types of this hobby is hunting for the den, which happens before the bear was oblilsya, and hunting to cancel is simply not possible. In addition, this kind of hunting is very relevant in cases where the location of dens is not known. In this case, you need to go on a hunt in pairs, which must be present as the hands and beaters. It is recommended to bring dogs.

Before you start hunting, go around the circle, but only in broad, the estimated location of the predator. This will make sure that the bear had left the den. This can be identified by the imprint of lamas, who didn’t trample, so as the beast lay down not so long ago. Arrows should be placed across the paw print, but the beaters in the company of dogs fit comfortably on the reverse side.

If, after raising the noise, the beast still did not work…

If this long is not happening in the circle comes a couple of experienced hunters with the huskies, who discovered the cave and raising the beast, take him for shots shooters in the circle, or kicked out to the shooters ‘ line. To realize shots you can only bear talking to you. In extreme cases, you may need the help of your partner.

But during exit from his den, the bear can hunt only in the ambush. Very rarely this method of hunting is used in summer time. After hibernation the bears with great enthusiasm leave their dens when the smell of meat of a recently killed animal. In order to hunt down the bear, you need to put a small amount of bait in several places. This will allow you to choose a trophy for everyone.

Choose a place to hunt better in advance. Remember that it takes time to build a storage shed. The beast is very sensitive to smells and will smell of recently completed building. If you want to save time but not money you can use purchase zasekli. Then time small! Just have to wait!

In conclusion, it is worth noting that you need to hunt very carefully. Don’t forget that the bear is a predatory animal. Do not neglect the safety rules, even if minimal. This will keep you and your companions health and life!

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