How to hunt a wolf with a Golden eagle,the ways of hunting and where to hunt

Given the type of hunting most often practiced in Kazakhstan, as well as in the Central Asian republics. A prerequisite is that the eagle must be pre-cracking jokes to foxes and wolves. When the eagle enough pritnable, hunters choose a more suitable day and go in the steppe tract, there is a high probability of encountering a pack of wolves. Now, let’s move closer to the subject on how to hunt with eagles.

Professional hunters recommend keeping the eagle in his right hand, of course, there are exceptions, if you are left-handed, then keep it on the left side. To the eagle randomly failed to wound the hunter must wear a glove that is made of strong and thick skin. If the eagle is of considerable size, and you’re not sure that you will be able to keep it, then you should use a special device called the accent. Emphasis is secured directly to the saddle of the pommel horse, and the eagle head is decorated with a special cap, which is also called klobucka. Also when you start hunting important process is the closure of the birds eye, don’t forget that this is only done on the place where you will start hunting. When the eagle closed his eyes, he will be able to much better concentrate, and this leads to the definition of lightning ran out of the beast, and all flying birds. When everything is ready and you can start hunting, you need to start the process of launching birds, this is pronounced the familiar to the eagle the word «Kaskyr» (in translation into Russian it means – wolf). After pronouncing the words you need quickly, but most importantly no fuss to remove the eagle Klobuchar, after which the bird is flying. The eagle starts to fly up, and then finds the prey and goes on its heels. Remember that the bird quite quickly reached the wolf, and then grabs him by the head or another place, it could be back or neck.

The eagle is a strong bird, and he well developed keels that have incredible power. The back of the wolf after a bite is, and he begins to lose a landmark, and there is paralysis. While the hunters get to the approximate location to catch prey, the eagle begins to rasklinivat wolf, which ultimately causes damage to production. Hunters have to do only one thing – to finish production, this is done with a knife or special whips that have metal woven.

If you decide to go hunting for a wolf, then we recommend you to consider the option of travel to the countries of Central Asia, there is a large number of wolves in the Kazakh steppes. If the eagle is perfectly trained for just one day of hunting can produce from three or more wolves. The Golden eagle very quickly gets used to its owner, if properly applied, in the end, you can get a flawless Falconer predator, which will not fail, but rather to catch prey. Professional hunters train Golden eagles not only wolves, but also foxes, because there is not a small probability to hit a wolf instead of a Fox, and if the eagle is able to catch them, then the hunter is in any case not remain without extraction.

Hunting for grey predators, experts in the field of hunting is recommended to choose exclusively females. The reason is simple, females can reach the size of two times more than males, and thus the force is greater.

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