How to hunt a group of hunters for deer method of pen

How to hunt a group of hunters for deer method of pen

If you decided to get out to hunt deer together with the team, then you should determine in advance what method of hunting will be conducted. Today we decided to talk about this popular method, as a unit. Hunting for deer paddock, you need to decide what role you will play beater or hunter. If you have decided to go on a paid hunting base, then hunters there is absolutely no need to go to the party, all this work will be on the Rangers. The main objective in this hunt is not to miss a deer, you need to stay in his room. This kind of hunting may be boring for you, since you practically will not participate, but only to think which way to go beast.

Of course, every hunter wants to get the maximum amount of emotion and adrenaline from hunting trips, so we invite you to consider the hunt in his usual team. Hunting like that all of the success will depend on your efforts, you will have to surround and drive the beast, not just stand in the room and at the right time to do the shot. The atmosphere on this hunt is just exciting, but if you are a beginner and you first went hunting, then you first need to go through lessons on safety. If this is not done, but just miss, hoping their abilities, in the end, this hunt could end sadly.

Many new hunters think that the technique of detachment very hard, in fact it is not as if all pre-prepared. Before you start hunting, you definitely need to prepare a team not to forget that this is the main point. A fence refers to a certain segment of the forest where there are deer. If you went hunting in the land of hunters, then such areas are determined by the traces. Once the squad is determined, the hunters are divided into two groups-the hunters and beaters. And then define position, hands moving to numbers, and the beaters surround the forest and are on the opposite side there will be detachment.

In this kind of hunting must be a leader, to select the team, most often chosen as the head of the most experienced hunter. Remember that hunting without a leader can become dangerous, and the prey is not caught.

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