How to hunt a duck with an entrance on the boat,rules you need to know for a successful hunt

A lot of fans are waiting to hunt and just can’t wait for the season duck hunting. Ways to hunt waterfowl this representative enough. This can be done from the approach, using models, mancow or hide. But the most relevant type of hunting is hunting with a porch on the boat.

Hunting from a boat is quite interesting, allowing to study the habits of a duck in its natural environment. Before you go hunting, learn to sail at master level, regardless of weather conditions. It is also necessary to be ready at any moment to shoot at a target, which should be a good look. Be prepared for the fact that at any moment from the thicket may fly a goose, at which hunting is strictly prohibited and punishable by law. All this together develops is not only observant, but also patience.

Be hunting of this species only in rivers of small size, where the flow is weak, there is not only the reeds but also a reed. The best time to hunt in Kearney wetlands and oxbows, which can be reached in another way is simply impossible.

Hunt on the water is better with the use of special boats with sides, but only low. This can be either the skiff or the employee. The latter is quite practical, easy on the go and is able to sail even in very dense thickets.

Residents in some regions of the Russian Federation are used for hunting on the water a few connected the raft of sawed-off tree, which is called Kubar.

Hunting is it better to send in a pair. One, with a gun ready to monitor the situation around and controls the second floating means. The probability of misses with the shot depends of the person who dedicated the mission to drive the boat. One wrong or sudden movement can cause a miss on target.

While hunting it is necessary to observe perfect silence. You can talk not only by phone or walkie-talkie, but even among themselves, in order not to frighten the ducks. They’re not afraid of shot, and the sound of the human voice.

More difficult is hunting waterfowl in open space. Before going on a hunt you need a boat to make closed, to be able to hide behind the boards.

There are a few rules that game you just guaranteed.

1.The boat need to be masked. It is recommended to use a cane, branches and sedge. It is recommended that the boat can provide a floating tussock.

2.To be in a boat only in a sitting and better lying down. The figure of the hunter is not visible. You can use a tent or cloak for camouflage. If you want to save money, then make them yourself.

3.To get closer to the duck you can only run the wind direction, since ducks tend to fly against the wind.

4.If you look at the boat from the side of the nose, it seems much smaller than their actual size. So swim up to expected production needs nose.

5.If you duck alert, just passing the. Return in just 10 minutes.

6.In the West, as well as in the East, closer to the ducks better right of the direction of the sun, what would its rays dazzled, but the ship was less noticeable.

7.In order to get the prey out of the water, send the dog. But to help her to raise duck on the side of the boat, you can use spinning hook, but only with a long handle.

Remember, stay on the water requires special care. Water does not like people who are drunk or drug addicts. Don’t forget to grab a life vest or a circle.

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