How to hunt a duck with an approach and skrad

Consider the two most common variant of duck hunting with this hunting Vileda and hunting from a blind.

The principle of a duck hunting from a blind

The principle of a duck hunting from a blind can be understood from its name. The main thing in this method is invisibility and stealth hunter. The method is quite complicated and requires from the hunter skill. The most important thing is to know the behavior of the birds, and be invisible for her.

Hunting by this method is possible from dawn and sunset. First we need to find a duck that feeds on the pond. If hunter’s poor eyesight, then a great assistant can be a binocular or other optics. Noticing the duck flock, the hunter need to determine (or guess) the direction of movement of the game and end point of the «duck trail». At this point and you want to go unnoticed, to crawl, to creep. Most importantly do not let yourself to detect, you need to take into account all: the wind direction, vegetation around the reservoir, a natural shelter. If the hunter accidentally seen «duck patrol», then you need to lay low and let the bird calm down. When approaching the point of the shot (rifle better pre-calibrated at the distance of 20-30 meters), you should first cock the gun. Accurate execution of all simple rules, and practical experience will reward you with a gorgeous booty.

Method of hunting a duck with an approach

The second method of hunting a duck with it Vileda. He is absolutely the opposite of hunting from a blind. When hunting from approach on valetko the main principle to make noise and raise as much of the game. If in the first case the hunter to hunt down the duck alone in the hunt for valetko it can be with a friend or with the dog. This hunting method is suitable in rivers and lakes, rich vegetation (reed, sedge, grass, etc) and of course the game. Shy duck loves to hide in the grass, so the hunter it is important to move along the waterfront or along the coast and make noise (stomp, bark, etc.).

If the game fails to raise a noise hunters often use a piece of rope that dragnet drag on the grass. This method will not leave on earth a single bird. If the pond allows, the rope can be thrown from shore to shore. Bad if the terrain is filled with trees and shrubs, such reservoirs «dragnet» will not pass. But even a simple noise allows you to raise and shoot enough game. Duck causes a stir, you want to accurately make shots on the rise or theft (sometimes it shooting across).

When hunting approach is very important reaction, because the game instantly reacts to the noise or the first shot. Both methods are able to master even for the novice hunter, especially if there’s an experienced mentor, they do not require special training and tools. You can hunt from shore or by boat. If the pond is rich in game, the hunter will be pleased with the result.

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