How to hunt a bear in his den

The location of bear dens or determine randomly preying on another animal, or doing a special quest, starting with the autumn term, but these trackers are currently very few.

The first method is probably meant for luck, but without some knowledge of course can not do. In most cases, is determined by the location of the den for produh, small holes in the snow cover, and inexperienced hunter may go past, depicting on the face of surprise, seeing the frost on the branches cover the produh. Good dog, can also find the den, but whatever it is, it is not necessary to disassemble the place and the dog should be calm.

In order to find the den is an ideal way need a lot of patience and time. Usually, the bear, eyeing himself not one for hibernation, and they must be spotted in autumn. One of them is sure to become a winter den of a bear. Used to find places of hibernation of bears and dogs, with not too aggressive in nature, for example, likes. They have their own mind and tranquility, barking near the den, without disturbing the owner. Fully convinced that is the winter home of the bear with the owner inside, hunters removed and are with the dogs. It is necessary to wait some time to the beast oblilsya and remained for the winter in this place. To be sure, in a week, another must again visit this place, but too close not to be.

Hunting of this wild and strong animal can be started only when he was fast asleep. In this state, the bear without the slightest leaves the place of its winter Parking, and very hard to scare him out early. Approaching the den bears need to be freed from the ski, or they can be a hindrance. However you should know that the bears in the winter, not much slower than in summer. Those who are not familiar with the hunting of bear, probably present before a sleepy and semi lethargic creature, but this is a mistake. Disturbed is coming bear instantly undermines their winter housing, and before the hunter gets very dangerous, full of rage the beast. For some time to divert the attention of the beast can dogs, but not for long, and you have to be ready to make accurate shot. Very often, this wild beast shot right in his home, which is spoken in the produh head. If such a case is not pictured, hunting continues in the open air.

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