How to handle a gun for hunting

In this article we’ll talk about all the rules in terms of handling hunting rifle that must be observed. If you have an inexperienced hunter and just recently acquired shotgun, then the following recommendations will be useful to you.

Ammo prohibited to use a powder mixture, for example it may be a mixture of smokeless with black powder, and make a filling of black powder, and, in General, not worth the risk to use the gunpowder, which is unknown to you. You cannot apply special charges enhanced action, the shell should be no more than a 1/100 fraction of the total weight of your rifle, with the deviation in one gram can be tolerated in both directions. Experts categorically prohibit the use of balloons which are a totally different caliber and is not suitable for your rifle and not to the cartridge to apply additional objects, for example, it may be pieces of iron or steel bearings. However, currently, hunters love to experiment, but in fact it can be dangerous and you can damage his hunting rifle from incorrectly sized or manufactured cartridge.

How to handle a gun for hunting

Not for a long time to shoot only cap and ball charges, otherwise you can ruin the gun. Remember that the capsule shells provide a large Deposit. When your gun is empty, we recommend not to select arbitrarily chickens, as otherwise damage can occur to the drummer or the trigger. To open the gun to further charge should be smoother, to make it is required, without any effort, it does not allow free fall of trunks, when you make closure. In the closing, in no event it is impossible to throw the guns up.

For a rifle, if you need to pull the trigger, you can get them with the trigger, at the same time have to close down the trunks, this is done with the left hand. Open your gun you need both hands, the left needs to hold gently and gradually take the trunks down and his right hand to hold the rifle over the neck of the Lodge, with the thumb, you need to take the shutter key. Closes shotguns elementary, first you need to slightly lift the box, while in the right hand you need to hold the shutter key, the left and slowly lift the trunks.

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