How to get around the first ice?

Unless you believe the strength of ice, do not move him. Threat your every step, which can be and last. Plesna, pointed bottom, challenge, strengthened really the ice.

And if you still got to the station the fragile ice, go sliding cautious movements, moving, gliding across the ice with their feet.

It is extremely dangerous to jump on the ice or make sudden movements. Definitely among your belongings needs to be a rope that has a length of ten to fifteen meters, add a small weight at one end. This is necessary in order to quickly assist the failed wormwood.

If you made it a rule not to walk alone on the ice, you should remember that you should not be very close with his friends.

You must be in two-three meters from each other. The first and last ice adjusts to the extra care during this period, it was unacceptable to travel in groups. Follow the advice and keep the box in one strap to in case of danger it is easy to get rid of it. Panic is your worst companion in case you feel the crackle of ice beneath them.

What to do in this situation? Most importantly, stay calm, which will help you to gather strength, lie on the ice and crawl to where you know that the ice in this area stronger. In case, if you were in the hole, in any case, do not try to escape, clawing with bare hands for the edge of the polynya.

Do not drag over the edge of the ice, try very carefully to throw the first one and then the other foot for years, take a position that will allow you to slowly but surely crawl, before it fell back from the dangerous place. Different materials, frozen in the ice very dangerous – piles, vegetation – there is always the ice is weaker and more fragile than. Knowing the place strong currents, avoid in the winter to fish there. Do not choose the place for fishing next to a steep Bank, should not be neglected and spring keys that are quite common at depths.

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