How to fit the cartridge and to shoot accurately at range

Surely once in your life, but every man was on the hunt. And anyone who has visited it knows that a good hunting involves three factors. It is the presence of game, beautiful and accurate shot and, of course, to find prey after volley. All these factors are equal for the hunter, and if there is one, the full hunt will not. But still, one of the most important factors is the shot.

There was one very interesting and useful guide for beginners. It was called «Hunting rifle «ruler». The author of this manual was Sergeev P. V. In this book, was this table with explanations.

For example, in one table there were data charges of shot and powder, which are intended only for smoky type of powder. Usually they provide a charge rate at the beginning, which reaches about four hundred meters per second. But the charges of powder, generally have less initial velocity.

In this book there was another table, which describes for what game should use one or the other fraction. In another table was a formula to determine the amount of notice. If you have ever shot a duck that was in motion, then you understand that before firing, you must take the pre-emption of about four or five buildings.

The tables that are presented in this book are important for the hunter. With it, you can define the maximum distance for firing, the prevention and the variant fractions. The table was written after numerous experiments and measurements during real hunting, and it needs virtually no adjustment. Of course, much depends on the type of weapon with which you are hunting. And, of course, an important role is played by the patron. If you want to increase accuracy and range, you can stir the starch fraction, to close all of this on top of tissue paper and twist it by the method called «asterisk».

You can also equip the cartridge and use a plastic container. Your data will be offset in the table for fraction. If you have no container, you can use drawing paper. Shaking his paper tape around the rod to install wads, you reinforce the bottom and put it in the Chuck, and then do everything according to the previous statement. All, your cartridge is ready. When using such a cartridge, it is possible the stronger recoil of the gun.

If you are using a cartridge with a container, you can hit a target at a distance up to 70 kilometers. But remember that to get a duck at that distance is very difficult, and even if you hit it, it’s going to be another problem. After all, in swampy areas, where very often the reeds and bushes, not so easy to find the game. This cartridge is best used for hunting hare or goose.

Let’s talk about a different kind of cartridge. To shoot a long distance is not a frequent activity. Most of the shots, at least the primary, carried out at distances up to twenty meters. In such situations, the use of a standard cartridge is also not advisable. As it causes more slip, but if you hit the target, it can simply break apart. When you hunt from such distances, it is better to use a so-called «forest» cartridge.

If you have determined that the game moves at a great distance, about 40-50 meters, you need to calculate ahead in five or six buildings. Once you have set the point of sight on this value, keep moving the gun when the shot was fired. If you do not, then a miss is guaranteed. There is another method of shooting at long distances. You need to quickly put the scope to the point of prevention, and continuing the movement to press the trigger. You can train not only in hunting and with a gun. If you are walking in the woods or in the forest, just watch the birds and identify an institution to which you will aim. It is useful to you.

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