How to fish in February?

Old Russian proverb, «Without difficulty not catch fish from the pond» as it never fits exactly to the February fishing. At this time of the year to achieve the desired result, you need not to sit in one place near the hole with a rod in his hand, and in search of the best fish to drill new wells and more frequent use of live bait.

To fish in February is quite difficult, because this time of year most fish become lethargic and cease actively bite. Besides, in February the weather conditions highly affect the behavior of fish. And Feb Oh how fickle! Bitter cold gives way to thaw and it can happen several times a month.

For example, for a hard frost is better caught walleye. Day it should catch on a lure, and a method of selection you need to determine what color jig respond best to this fish. At night or early in the morning fishing with live bait will bring greater effect.

When the frost comes falling and persistent thaw, aktiviziruyutsya biting pike, roach and bream. Carp also comes alive a little, especially in places where growing reeds. Here more likely to go home empty-handed.

Pike in February had stopped biting, so when fishing live bait should not make a sharp undercuts. The best option would be to wait and give the fish a better deepthroat it.

Roach in February and sluggish when fishing it is better to use the method of «standing» gear, without jerking the spoon. On roaches is better to put several rods with different bait. One can be put on the worm and on the other bloodworms. The only way to achieve a good result, going to fish in February.

I forgot to mention the fish, who spawn. The best weather for catching burbot is a cold rainy day and the perfect time of day – dusk. Burbot selected from his hole and lazily, slowly moving to the coast, eating everything that gets in his way. This should be used for catching him. Best for this purpose, suitable zherlitsa, and as bait you can use worms or live bait. If neither one nor the other, ideal cut a piece of fish, but only white rocks and the skin.

Fishing line for burbot is necessary to take strong, 0.4 mm in diameter. Nalim resists for a long time and can break thin snap-in.

In order to successfully catch fish in February, it is recommended to wait for quiet and dry weather. Some days the atmospheric pressure must be kept at the same level no matter it is low or high, the main thing that was stable.

Bait in the winter is inefficient, but still sometimes yields positive results, especially with prolonged use. In February, experienced fishermen suggest to use as feeding only for animal feed, and best of all for this purpose is a Joker.

As winter correctly identify the place where the fish will be good to bite? To fish in February is difficult because the reservoir is covered with a thick layer of ice. Experienced fishermen already feel intuitively good catch, and for beginners need to know that the fish will necessarily be driven in the winter where there is a large amount of aquatic vegetation. Determine where the lake is fed by rivers, streams and creeks. Here and should be done to the hole.

During the winter fishing should not forget about their own safety. Be sure to check the ice on the strength, especially at the edges of the pond. Not worth the caught fish human life.

Of course, the fishermen go on the ice for a few people. The distance between them for security purposes, shall not be less than 5-6 meters, and between the hole – 10-15 meters. Things that fishermen had brought with them and need to move on the ice, but in any case not to wear a backpack on the shoulders. There are situations when it is impossible to remove it quickly and it can cost a man’s life.

Fishing in February attracts every year more and more people. And becoming more and more of the events, which involved fishermen. Be careful and follow all safety rules.

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