How to fish in an unfamiliar body of water?

Fishing new places is always great. New places are fraught with many opportunities for a successful fishing, especially if it is a place favored by fishermen. But how to behave on the new reservoir to understand how to be a good catch?

The first thing you need to do is, of course, walk along the shore and noted the point where you see the movement of the fish. Also, be sure to pay attention to where located a shallow place, filled with snags or aquatic vegetation. It is also desirable to remember where the flow into streams and other tributaries, places of running water. If the lake is in a forest, it is desirable to find areas without aquatic vegetation, but are in the shade of the trees.

Once the terrain is understood, we need to start studying the terrain under water. The easiest way to do this: move to the end of the fishing line with a length of about 40 meters a weight of 100-130 grams, it is desirable that the edge of this sinker was sharp. This sinker should throw a little further from the place where you want to fish, and they walk along the coast, measuring the depth and topography. If the sinker hardly goes across the bottom of the lake, so the place is uneven.

After the load is on the surface, it is necessary to examine. If on a surface there will be no dirt, but that sinker was on the bottom hard, this means that the surface of the bottom consists of stones and pebbles. But if the cargo went smoothly, then at the bottom is sand or hard clay. The goods, covered with mud and dirt, indicates a large vegetation on the depth.

For more accurate information to the left and to the right the place for the future of fishing is examined in the same way 2 or 3 times.

If the bottom is clean, you can measure the depth. To do this best with the help of the float. It should shift down or up a line. The float will lie on the water, if the hook has reached the bottom, then the float needs to be offset a little lower until, until it becomes a normal position for fishing.

The current and its power can be ascertained in a very simple way: a piece of bread is to throw in the water and see how fast and in what direction it will go. Bread can start playing the fry. This suggests that somewhere nearby to see a larger individual.

The river, which boats, have a special layout. The most important landmark for ships is the buoy. White says that this is the right Bank and the red that is left. Located between the fairways, this means that here the court can not be afraid to run aground.

In a small bets very often there are fish such as carp, perch and also carp and pike. Also a very good place for fishing – estuaries and places where the surface are cold keys. If you want to catch a tench or carp, then you should look for a weedy bottom. Fish is very often like places where there are snags, especially if this place is close to a livestock watering or destroyed wharves. Also a good place with the change of currents or the pier. Fish is often kept nearby.

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